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The series consists of the following parts: — Part 1: General information, general index. Cross-reference tables; — Part 2: Symbol elements, qualifying symbols and other symbols having general application; — Part 3: Conductors and connecting devices; — Part 4: Basic passive components; — Part 5: Semiconductors and electron tubes; — Part 6: Production and conversion of electrical energy; — Part 7: Switchgear, controlgear and protective devices; — Part 8: Measuring instruments, lamps and signalling devices; — Part 9: Telecommunications: Switching and peripheral equipment; — Part Telecommunications: Transmission; — Part Architectural and topographical installation plans and diagrams; — Part Binary logic elements; — Part Analogue elements. The scope and the normative references for this series are given in IEC Symbols have been designed in accordance with requirements given in the future ISO In accordance with the future ISO , clause 7, symbol dimensions for instance height may be modified in order to make space for greater number of terminals or for other layout requirements. In all cases, whether the size is enlarged or reduced, or dimensions modified, the thickness of the original line should be maintained without scaling.

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Alternating Current Indicationn of frequency range: low Different frequency ranges. Relatively low frequencies power frequencies or sub-audio frequencies Alternating Current indication of frequency range: medium Different frequency ranges. Medium frequencies audio Alternating Current indication of frequency range: high Different frequency ranges. Line with a duct; Line within a pipe may be shown above the line re- presenting the duct route.

Additional info. Line within a six-way-duct may be shown above the line re- presenting the duct route. Manhole for underground chamber may be shown above the line re- presenting the duct route. Luminaire with many flourescent tubes. The gate and source Junction field effect transistor with P-type connections shall be channel drawn in line. The small circle Selector wiper, bridging representing the hinge point may be open or filled in.

Arc or bank of single-motion selector Arc or bank of two-motion selector Selector arc with one special position An example of a special position is the home position. For the definition of Functional equipotential bonding functional Functional bonding conductor; equipotential bonding, Functional bonding terminal see IEV ".

Capacitor, lead-through Capacitor, feed-through Multiple-function switching device Control and protective switching device CPS ; Reversing CPS Directed connection Point of access to a bundle Shown with 2 stable Polarized relay, stable positions positions Acoustic signalling device, general symbol Horn; Bell; Single-stroke bell; Whistle Combined electric and heat generated station, planned Combined electric and heat generating station, in service or unspecified The symbol is shown Fan with wiring.

The symbol applies symbol of ISO The symbol is shown Pump with wiring. Related Papers.


BS EN 60617-3:1996, IEC 60617-3:1996

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