To quickly find the word you are looking for, use the search box. Search for: Search We are currently working on two online dictionaries. The first one is an English-Spanish-Tagalog dictionary of words from the early 20th century. Many of the words, their meanings and spellings, have changed, but it serves as a reference for Filipino students of Philippine literature and documents from that time period.

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Flora Elena R. Mirano receives from Anvil Publishing Inc. Jovy M. Peregrino a copy of the 2nd edition of the UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino.

Assistant General Manager, popular literary critic Dr. Isagani R. Andrew Gonzalez of De La Salle University inspired to create a monolingual dictionary as a way of achieving standardization in the Filipino language.

The book took five years and was launched on November 29, The word sari was very important because in the first edition of the dictionary, there was no root word for sarisari and it was not supposed to be hyphenated.

Based on the Vocabulario, Almario then realized it was a wrong entry and this inspired him to produce a second edition of the book. Anvil Publishing, Inc. The second edition was challenging, Almario said because of the lack of funds and the exodus of its researchers. It was completed in , nine years after the first edition was published, with the help of his pool of researchers and Anvil Publishing, Inc.

At the book launch, Almario announced his plans to produce its third edition. He promised Palanca Award winner Dr. Ruth Elynia S. Sergio S. Cao has allocated P5 million for the third edition which will focus on the various registers of the Tagalog language. In addition, the Office of the Chancellor also approved the proposal to institutionalize the regular updating of the dictionary.


Updated UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino now available


ACI 332-08 PDF

UP diksiyonaryong Filipino



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