A collection of reusable functions code for building data structures, code for performing math functions and scientific calculations, etc. This new book contains the complete code for the library. It covers elements of the library with which even the most experienced C programmers are not familiar such as internationalization the ability to write programs that can adapt to different cultural locales, for example, using the C library, programmers can write software that manipulates large character sets such as Kanji. Structured like the Standard C Library, it contains 15 headers declaring or defining all of the names in the library.

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Plauger Englewood Cliffs, N. It corrects a number of errors reported after publication. Hence, the code may differ from the book in small ways. Fifteen subdirectories have names that match the standard headers.

NOTE: Directories limits, stdarg, and stddef are empty. It also contains the sample version of raise. It also contains the file yvals. That version of yvals. Typically, these define functions that can fail all the time. Appendix A: Interfaces summarizes what you have to do to make use of this code. Please note that it is NOT prepackaged ready to go for any given operating environment. To license the right to share the source on a network or multiuser system, to distribute copies of the source code, or to distribute unlinked object modules, contact: Dinkumware, Ltd.

With this code disk, you have already benefited in many ways from such contributions by others. Please send such information to the above address, or to: P. Plauger pjp dinkumware. Plauger and publisher Dinkumware, Ltd. These efforts include the development, research, and testing of the programs to determine their effectiveness. The author and publisher shall not be liable in any event for incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance, or use of the software.

If you are an individual person who has purchased a single-user copy of the machine-readable software a purchaser , or who has been given access to a properly licensed copy a licensee , you are an Authorized User. You may not install a copy of the software for use by any other persons, on either a multi-user computer, a multi-user network, or a single-user computer. If you as a purchaser transfer sell or give your copy of this software to another person, you must transfer or destroy any other copies you have made, and you must transfer a printed copy of this Rights and Limitations Notice.

A licensee may not transfer the software. An Authorized User may also use and distribute this code only as part of executable images that cannot be linked to other executable images, and only provided that the following notice is included prominently in the associated documentation and as part of the executable image: Portions of this work are derived from The Standard C Library, copyright c by P.

Plauger, published by Prentice-Hall, and are used with permission. Licenses to install copies of the software on multi-user computers or on multi-user networks, or to distribute binary object modules, or to distribute copies of the source files modified or unmodified are available from Dinkumware, Ltd. NOR P. If Dinkumware, Ltd. You shall provice no warranties or representations, express or implied, that give any other user or customer any rights or remedies against Dinkumware, Ltd.


P. J. Plauger

Who we are: Dinkumware, Ltd. We typically grant the right to issue an unlimited number of sublicenses, for a one-time fee, in conjunction with a designated product. We also license our technology to software development organizations who need to standardize internally on the best library technology, and who need reliable support. We ask no additional royalty for the distribution of executables and shared libraries linked with our libraries, so long as the distributed products cannot be linked with object files to produce additional executables. We license by the number of developers per platform, not by the volume of distributed executables. Importantly, we warrant that our libraries contain no open source, nor any other source that has additional licensing restrictions. For all our licensees we offer ongoing Support Services for an annual fee, providing bug fixes and version upgrades on a regular basis.


Download: The Standard C Library Plauger Pdf.pdf

Books by P. Elements of Programming Style Brian W. Kernighan and P. Plauger McGraw-Hill, ,

ASTM E317-11 PDF

The Standard C Library




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