I hope you all will be absolutely fine and having fun. PIC 12C belongs to the family of high performance and cost effective micro controllers. It is a fully static eight 8 bit device. Except program branches all of the instructions are single cycled i. Whereas two cycles are taken by the program branches. PIC 12C has a lot amazing features e.

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The Saver V3. A transformerless power supply uses Xc of a 0. The diodes rectifies ac current to dc current which in turns charged to filtering capacitor, uF. The microcontroller circuit runs with low power 32kHz X-tal. GP2 connects a momentary button for setting time to GP1 drives small dot LED that blink every 5 s for normal running.

High Voltage!! Do not touch any conductive parts of the circuit Software Saver. This file sets time to when press S1 once. Time on and off is set to to everyday. Installation The Saver may be built-in any kind of lamp fixtures.

The author suggests to correct AC line connection to L and N of the circuit. After finished installation, turn the main switch on, functioning LED will blink every 1 second. Let try press S1 once, the lamp will turn on 1 minute then off. The Saver assumes the current time is then be Note that every time you press S1, the lamp will turn on 1 minute only once. The day after the lamp will then turn on and off at preset time.

Functioning LED will blink at low rate indicating normal operation. If high blink rate is noticed when return home, power failed should happen, no problem, just wait again then press S1. If the LED is not blinked, someone may turn main switch off, turn it back on again and wait for


Microcontrolador PIC

What is a modchip, and what is it used for? The idea of a modchip is pretty straightforward. It is typically a small chip or board that is soldered to various parts of a video game console. The chip is programmed with special software that is used to circumvent DRM protection on the console. In the case of the PlayStation 1 a modchip allows the console to do many new things. Play video game backups from any region. Play genuine games from any region.


pic12c508 microcontrolador


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