The Metacentric height of the ship plays an important role in setting the loading capacity and stability of the ship. The Initial metacentric height of the ship is determined by an inclining experiment after the ship is completely built. When a vertical line is drawn from B and B1, they intersect at a point known as metacentre of the ship. The metacentric height is the distance between the centre of gravity and metacentre of the ship i.

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THEORY: Metacentre is the point of intersection of the axis of a floating body passing through the point of buoyancy B0 and the centre of gravity G and a vertical line passing through the new centre of buoyancy B1. Fill the tank about two-thirds full of water and note down the height of the level of water from the base of the tank.

Put the vessel in the tank and note down the increase in the level of water. Measure the cross sectional area of the tank and find the weight of water displaced by the vessel which is equal to the weight of the vessel.

Adjust the pointer indicating the angle of heel on the scale to zero when there is no applied moment. Apply a moment to the vessel by moving the known adjustable weight w through a known distance d. Note down the reading of the pointer indicating the angle of heel. Repeat the above procedure for different applied moments by changing the position of weight. Calculate the metacentric height GM by using above formula.

The GM is used to calculate the stability of a vessel. The GM must equal or exceed the minimum required GM for that vessel. This is to ensure that the vessel has adequate stability. When a ship is heeled, the centre of buoyancy of the ship moves laterally. The point at which a vertical line through the heeled centre of buoyancy crosses the line through the original, vertical centre of buoyancy is the metacentre.

The metacentre is considered to be fixed for small angles of heel; however, at larger angles of heel the metacentre can no longer be considered fixed. Related Papers.


Inclining Experiment- Determining Metacentric height of the ship




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