MLO will thus create new portals opening to the acausal plan, through which, in agreement with the anti-cosmic pulse, really wishing that old, stale forms come to new potentialities, finding weapons for the war in the coming eon. These spiritual, philosophical and magical forms - good tools and external tools that are used to focus the Order, the opening of channels and Wake acausal essence - of chaos, located on the other side of each causal form. These forms for example, mythology, ideology, rituals, symbols in the MLO working with a completely different content than that with which they are usually associated. They form the same methods as the existing form of exoteric, prokosmicheskogo and nedinamichnogo "Satanism" - what they are antithetical. This is due to the strategy of the Black aeonic Logos, which partly comes from Creation of dynamic forms of violent neo-gnosticism to satanic overtones.

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Satanist can also try to create a completely new and unique belief system that has few obvious links with pre-existing spiritual traditions. A real example is the formless, ie , MLO,. It is important to note that the greatest importance has will to create forms, giving suspensive form of power and essence. The stronger the will of the Satanist, the stronger will be the direction of the desired shape for the dark, eonicheskih energies.

This is why strong and conscious will is a Satanist is bulij weight than will the weak and vedumyh masses. Why minority, belongs to the Satanic elite are capable of opposing energies present of Aion, generate, send them and act as living gate for energies towards the endless onslaught of Aion.

In terms of onieskoj strategy antikosmieska Alchemy Satanism has the goal of creating spiritual forms filled with the essence and capable enough to produce one drop antikosmieskogo poison that can kill Eon seven Archon and give rise to a grandiose oiaemu disintegration. Another method used to translate akauzalnyh onieskih energies, is to create a physical "Gates" or point of focus for concentration, enhance and spread the sinister Satanist to the energies that focus on causal plan.

These physical Gates may be individuals or entire groups of people, as well as all the ritual places used regularly as Satanists for many years. Speaking as a point of focus antikosmieskih rituals, these places and people may be turned into physical and living the gates leading into multidimensional akauzalnyj chaos. For example, Adolf Hitler, also without himself, was the focus point of many black magic and Satanic orders using it to bring about change, war and chaos in the world.

But Hitler was immune to getting sent through him, and the result was the arrogance, folly and eventual fall of the Third Reich. The fact that Hitler was influenced by dark forces, also explains why the Kabbalah, the enemies of Satanic orders, was persecuted and destroyed during his reign. Therefore of considerable interest to Satanists is strategic search antikosmieskih elected politicians who in onieskoj run would suitable candidates for later use as a point of focus antikosmieskih rituals to open physical gate into chaos.

In the case of Adolf Hitler: his personality and his mental abilities have made him the best candidate, not the political form, to which he pleaded.

The Swastika, the former symbol of the Third Reich, was a Satanic symbols common in similar form. Left hanging and skewed counterclockwise sunny cross symbolizes the end of creation and return to chaos. This symbol is not related directly to political ideology of national socialism, but made of black magicians for connection with Hitler, to increase control over it and the German people.

Therefore, the creation and filling of force new and potential onieskih characters is an important part of the devilish work that facilitates sending dark akauzalnyh energies. For example, the most potent symbol of the MLO is "thanks to the Pentagram, displaying upcoming dark eon. It has eleven angles, symbolizing and embodying the gates in the measurement of regos chaos.

Thanks to the Pentagram, or "print eleven angles", as this symbol is also called, is a good example of how prouvstvovanie a Satanist and comprehension of known magical character, making full use of its symbolic content, can complement its other energies that initially was not unique.

This also leads to a breakdown, make the initial thread and redirect power inherent in character, in the right direction. That is why Satanist should use symbol of the coming of the infinite of Aion as in its magical work and to decorate your Temple, instead of using ancient anachronistic archetype, which may not be in harmony with modern onieskoj work.

Music can also play an important role in onieskoj work when Satanist using atmosphere and voices that moves mood and feelings that match with the dark onom and adequately embody new forms required for work on Satanic energies kauzalnom.

What is harmoniously chaos, chaos is destroyed. Blessing strong the curse of the weak. All form is an illusion, but illusions could be used for the release and the full embodiment potential black flame, speaking as a tool for sending and overcoming borders behind which is a great chaos and pristine,.

That is why black onieska magic is the highest form of transcendental magic. Vocamus Te Aeshma- Diva! I believe in the truth, sheer beyond all forms, and in a Word, which will sverena lie: this word Wisdom.

I believe in struggle and purpose end of Aion, and therefore I am willing to sacrifice their enemies and, if necessary, his own blood to hasten the advent of the new century.

I believe in courage, power and authority, and therefore reject pity, compassion, and cowardice of the Aeon old shackles that keep the weak porabonnymi.

I believe in discipline and loyalty. Because times our objective chaos in our Order shall prevail. I believe in the formula of an infinite dark of Aion "ordo ab Chao 4, and foresee the destruction of the dominant cosmic order. I believe in essence without form, and because no borders, and therefore willing to sacrifice everything for the bloody altar of freedom. I believe chaos, in the beginning and end of everything, and admit his Avenger and Envoy Satan as the external aspect of my inner strength.

Wherefore I praise Satan with all my heart and soul. I am happy to see ahead last battle and victory. Glory To Satan! The glory of victory! Kudos To Chaos! For centuries there were thousands of theories describing the essence of it is, however, this paper does not deal with the theory of "gilikov" neprosvennyh about this powerful symbol, but the intent is to provide basic understanding of destiugolnoj sigilly order of MLO.

For kzoterieskom could be described as level Pentagram symbol the five elements spirit, fire, air, water and land , but at a zoterieskom level, it represents amorfnoe black flame or chaos , spiritual, mental, Astral and physical plans. To understand the specific terms and understand CTU contains form and essence pentagrams, you must first understand: correct povrnuta Pentagram is the one whose beam, symbolizing the spirit indicates down.

Only on the grounds of lack of knowledge and foolishly pravoputnye slaves to the past thousands insist on movable led pentagrams digit spirit angle up to aimlessly pointed out in heaven, and then have the audacity to call pentagrammu in its original form "perevrnutoj pentagrammoj"! The most ancient images pentagrams found by archaeologists, including ancient Shumer and Egypt were the images correctly, rnomagieskoj pentagrams, whose spirit of beam pointing down indicate.

Another significant Znanie about 4 how at five corners pentagrams are five "elements". This is shown in the following image: Five elements that make up the pentagrammu, can be divided into two categories.

Formed elements are created from free spirit in the following order: first, a fire of spirit, then created the air out of the fire from the air is water and water is finally land.

For each emanations from spirit stands out and is spent besformenna and spiritual sunostno-filled substance and last emanation, Earth, becomes totally linnoj spirit, completely losing the essence.

So there are four "formed" element that used, turning the demiurge of the spirit, by dominating, suppressing and capturing amorfnoe black flame. Thus was created a space where once occupied the amorphous chaos.

Pentagram, with its ten corners opens in yourselves as space are located and how many steps there are barriers that must be completed for moving beyond form elements and the liberation of the spirit.

Capacity, locked by ten 10 must be delivered through eleven What is knowledge of destiugolnoj sigille, also helps to understand the liberating force of Eleven Angles Open Pentagrams. The existence of the demiurge and orderly universe a delicate balance, dangling on the five elements and ten angles. Therefore, we can, razmyka destiugolnu sigillu, violate energy and channel space balance chaos inside through eleven angles, the cognition eleven angles is discussed in other selected publications MLO.

Although the spirit is suppressed five elements which, among other things, symbolize the material and formed, it still can be effective to manage other four and change them. Because the spirit is eternal and immortal, while all generated elements will eventually be back poglonnymi and eaten formless flame spirit.

By awakening the spiritual black flame within ourselves, we can also awaken the strength to control or release of all that surrounds us. To be able to finally release the spirit and break all bonds of space, we have to destroy physical and spiritual obstacles demiurge, separating elements one from another by following our path.

We, prosvennye light Lucifer, Sami is a microcosm, and we are of the same five elements that make up the space. We have a physical body, which correlates with the Earth, we have the astral body, to satisfy with the element of water, we have the mental body, which correlates with the air, we have a spiritual body, which corresponds to a element, and finally, we have hidden, neoformlenna, driving internal essence, which is the black flame that corresponds with the fifth element, which is the spirit.

Our main tools are placed on the altar, as compared with the five elements is located both outside and inside of ourselves. Having knowledge of the above, the Mage can use these magical tools in the right way, to provide for the conversion and management, freeing and different separated by four different plan that allows you to strengthen and release the fifth plan for more information, see separate work MLO entitled "five main shells".

This of course means that black flame spirit can monitor, manage and transform four other element and turn them back in your formless State. The hidden meaning of legends-confirmation on the quest for the Holy Grail. Therefore, very few adherents can ever find your treasure. To see the way which covers Svetonosec, we must first open the eyes of blind Dragon, and then we can finally move using the obtained knowledge of the chaos Kaosofi.

Correlation between Pentagram with dark deities and "five black Thrones" explains: Fiery Ray "refers to the southern throne and Lucifer, sound spiritual knowledge. Air Ray "refers to Oriental throne and Beelzebutom with mental liberation. To call and the call to open the gate leading to force measurement, which represents the Pentagram, first you need to properly activate pentagrammu.

Pentagram portrayed on talismn, painted with paint or blood draw "Astral" by a magical weapons or simply being rendered, and it must be activated according to the following description. To activate the "Tierra del pentagrammu" and open the gates to the southern throne and spiritual plan, pentagrammu should draw as follows: "Tierra del calling Pentagram To activate the "Spiritual pentagrammu" and open the door to inner throne and unformed Dragon, which is the black flame, pentagrammu should draw as follows: "Spiritual calling Pentagram I.

Rituals are held in the name of Lilith and Leviathan. Rituals are held in the name of Beelzebuta. Central this morning rituals are rituals of purification, strength, and shapeless mental rituals to calm the senses and open the gates of unconscious for akauzalnyh and bearing development energies.

The nights are central rituals antikosmieskie, haognostieskie, destructive, and also to send energy eleven into space for darkening and acceleration of the infinite Dark of Aion. That night the bloodshed in the name of Azerate and in honor of the dark gods, open the internal burning gates of chaos.

Rituals are held in the name of Belial. The nights are central ritual rituals vocation and invoking spirits, nekromantieskie rituals and ritual curses and death. During this night Satanist can affect the dreams of their enemies and use the forces of darkness rejs saved crazy. Lucifer Emperor regos chaos, eternal and external aspect of the inner flame. Lucifer proud svetonosec fire chaos that his dark light burns all illusory form and highlights the hidden and concealed.

Lucifer media knowledge, development, and destructor of stagnation, weakness and folly. Lucifer is the friendly aspect of Satan, which its light illuminates the reliable path and points the way to freedom and divine power beyond the boundaries of creation. Lucifer is the blazing eye regos chaos, which sees false demiurge dripping and that their black akauzalnym fire destroys the illusion of space obstructing the eternal and unrestricted a favorite! Lucifer also Lord of the South Tower of chaos whose gates, according to tradition, the devilish open in "night of all souls, 31 October.

Satanist accesses Tower Lucifer during rituals to attain wisdom, truth and knowledge through the direction of net Lciferianskogo black fire and open internal shining gates.

Energy Tower Lucifer can also be used in rituals aimed at filling maga physical and mental strength, as well as giving him spiritual strength and ability to dominate, manipulate and control all of its surroundings. Only through connections its black flame with an external fire chaos of Tower of Lucifer, satanist could establish itself in the akauzalnoj form of existence after death and take its place among the dark gods!

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! In the name of Azerate, I estvu the mighty Tower of Lucifer, his black fire illuminating trail knowledge and wisdom, zatemnu and unitoau fake a creative light demiurge!

I praise South throne of chaos that personifies the truth, knowledge and akauzalnoe immortality! I preklon his knees, in the name of Azerate, before Tower of Lucifer, whose Satanic power brings fire chaos, shining in the depths of my soul blazing stronger than ever, and burning dirt easing my spirit and impedes my antikosmieskomu a!

I welcome, in the name of Azerate, ognenosnogo, symbol tower Lucifer Supreme Dominion that force your cleansing flame gives me courage, strength and spiritual strength, so that I can best serve the dark gods and my own hard choice! Glory Of Lucifer!


Liber Azerate in English

Fenrigor By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I do not see the elitist side of this whatsoever. Do what thou wilt. While there are no strict laws a Satanist must follow, there are some librr that will lead to a better life on Earth. Midway retains a 3- point lead over Reaume after a close match in week 1. These seven portals, often referred to as the seven-headed dragon with eleven faces and ten horns, opened by engliwh vibration true Names and meditation.



Marduk took zaerate a new identity: These seven archons is the same as the seven major cosmic gods, worshiped by the ancient Sumerians, who saw in them the original enemy, prior to all things, acausal Tiamat. We urge you, Aeshma-Diva!. This formula is also used in practices with the sinister forces, when the vibrations of the formula easier demons demonstration on the astral and physical plane! I welcome, in the name of Azerate, Lucifer tower, a symbol of the supreme ognenosnogo rule that the force of his Cleansing Flame gives me the courage, strength and spiritual resistance, so eenglish I could best serve the dark gods and my own strong will! All things human are flawed, and that includes morality.

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