And yes, I have also been known to watch their show. So now you know, but moving right along. In it, all three K sisters are doling out advise about life - from fashion and beauty to sex to selling and buying on ebay, as well as reminisce about their celebrity lives, past and present. I tried to read it from a point of view of a teen girl, and it really is an interesting book Ok, yes, I am a little embarrassed that I read a Kardashian book I tried to read it from a point of view of a teen girl, and it really is an interesting book if you are one.

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Start your review of Kardashian Konfidential: New! Best parts for me were those that described their lives before the fame they are experiencing right now. It shows where they came from which attributes to how they are today. Jan 25, Emily rated it liked it Interesting but this is really for the true fan of the Kardashians.

Some of the early chapters were more interesting than the later ones, but a fun read nonetheless. Jan 20, Fran rated it it was amazing Kardashian Konfidential Reviewed by Fran Lewis Sisters: never were there such devoted sisters as the song says. Well: The three Kardashian sistahs as they would say are not any different than you and your sisters except maybe their fairytale life, their amazing childhoods filled with parties, animals, great parents, glitz and glam.

But, one thing that rings true throughout this entire book is their loyalty and love for each other and family bond. Intertwined in each chapter, which the reader will Kardashian Konfidential Reviewed by Fran Lewis Sisters: never were there such devoted sisters as the song says. Intertwined in each chapter, which the reader will really love is the tattletale dialogue that reminds each sister of the pranks, fun and wild times they had growing up.

Poor Kim what Khole used to do to her. Wait: We did not get to Rob yet. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. The book was written by all three sisters who seem to be speaking directly to the reader making you feel as if they are talking directly to you and getting you to feel a part of their story from the start.

Fairytale beginning, becoming involved in reality T. From makeup tips, to fashion sense, fashion faux pas you will definitely get it all here and much more. She is unpredictable, confident, never leaves home without her Blackberry, wallet and little bit of fashion? But, there is much more to learn about her but you will have to read that for yourself.

Next, which sister is a Libra? She is tactful, a princess, sweet, hardworking, dramatic and never leaves home without her Blackberry, American Express Black Card and big sunglasses. Yes: it is Kim! Known for her wicked wit, colorful language, street-smart attitude, and never leaves home without her wedding ring, Blackberry, credit card and face powder? Well: by process of elimination you guessed it has to be Khloe.

Now, if you want to understand the language of Kardashian you need to read and memorize their own special glossary and definitions on page Flashing back to the beginning and where they grew up fills the colorful pages of chapter one titled Tower Lane. From family parties, to zoos, animals, and the fun times they had growing up you can smile, laugh and cry along with them as they lived a life every child would love to have been given and from the way they tell it appreciated it in every way. I especially love that their Dad, Robert played such an integral part in their lives; made sure he knew everything they did in school and insisted that they talk about the best and worst part of their day at dinner.

I also love that no phones were to be at the dinner table or answered during family time. When Bruce came into their lives Khloe loved him right away, Kourtney had some trouble adjusting and Kim seemed to be okay with him too as he had four kids their ages and he turned out to be the best thing in their lives after losing their Dad. Things changed drastically for them as a family and for how they were accepted in public as their father sided with OJ and their mother strongly believed he killed Nicole.

That is not one topic that is neither up for discussion any time soon nor will they comment on it. Next, they continue with many reasons you might think they were spoiled brats: Spoiled by admit brats no.

Earning everything they had, having to adhere to the contract or rules set out by both parents when presented with their own cars after graduating high school you learn a lot about their family values, the understanding that school and grades mattered and what would happen as a result of any infractions.

Believe it or not they did not get credit cards to charge up anything they wanted and if they wanted to do serious shopping they needed the cash. But, the best picture reminding me of my sister and myself is the one of Kim and Kourtney dressed alike. My mom bought my sister and I the same dresses in different colors growing up. I really did not like that because she was thin and I was not.

As you read the story you hear the voices of each one of the girls, listen to their words, read between the lines and laugh at some of the same things everyone does. We also learn more and Kourtney and their relationship with each other including their mom and Bruce Jenner. One major car crash would give her a reality check. Wrong choices often bring about the wrong results teaching not only Khloe the true meaning of taking ownership of your life, your mistakes and how they to correct them.

OCD seems to run in the family. Kim is a neat freak, Kourtney just the opposite in certain respects but not all, Kim quite organized in others. Each one of the SISTAHS has her own form of OCD- from cataloging pictures and scrapbooks, to draws and closets and finally the ability to create a perfect bed and room, these sisters are quite unique but not so different from the rest of us if you really think about it.

Independence comes from learning to care for your own car, what happens when you lose it and feeling isolated and alone at school. Added into each chapter is a chat room session or gossip or tell all sidebar of conversations between the sisters recounting pranks, fights and other funny things that happened.

Written in a conversational tone from the viewpoint of each sister this books is straightforward, no holds barred and quite revealing. What will get are strong sisters, conversational tones, honest accounts filled with humor, sarcasm, sadness told in their special unique way giving the reader an inside scoop on their lives, their mishaps, successes and much more. From great tips on how to sell on EBay to throwing a sick party to owning her a clothing store these sisters have managed to do it all.

Opening one store without Kim and then finally including her and creating Dash and many other enterprises. The next chapter is very dear to them it focuses on their father Robert. While reading this chapter you will learn more about their father, how they bonded with him and the things they learned from him as each girl lists her feelings and thoughts.

Next, we teach more about Kris their momanger and how each one bonded with her in a different way. Kim being the most like their mom and Khloe and Kourtney quite different. Yet, one thing does come through loud and clear is that they are family, sisters first and foremost and proud of whom they are and all they have accomplished.

Added to that all three tell how they deal with fans, the press, photo ops, the many mistakes they have made and how each one moves ahead and does not dwell on the past. Moving ahead the rules for being a Celeb, which are found really great because they do not just, apply to being a Celeb but anything in life.

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, and educator like me, book reviewer, actress or the star of a reality show there are certain rules of protocol to follow and their set rules listed I found quite valuable. They are 6 common sense rules that most people if not all should follow.

Just read them on pages Now for my favorite parts of the book the ones I can truly relate to. The basic list of what you need to have in your closet, how to organize it and the importance of taking care of yourself, good grooming, caring for your clothes and much more will help you become your own fashionista. From how to eat and stay healthy, to the I never weigh myself ever, this book includes their take on school, clothes, hair, makeup, men, boys, kids, romance, success in business, family values and so much more.

From start to finish you get the full scoop on these girls including fabulous photos, gossip tips, cards for all occasions and so much more. This is truly a fun book to read and will definitely give up a positive perspective about these amazing women, their mom, father, their younger sisters, Rob and of course Bruce. My favorite store is Bebe: Have to check out the fashions they created for them.

Final closing remarks are their Faves. My closing remarks: This is one book that will let you get to know these women in a more personal light. It is funny, written in a conversational tone and includes their very own thoughts, feelings and advice.

My advice to you: Read the book: You will not be disappointed. You would be proud!


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