Much is inferential and speculative, though numerous clues have emerged from his works and the writings of contemporary composers, theorists, and writers of the next several generations. Josquin was born in the area controlled by the Dukes of Burgundy , and was possibly born either in Hainaut modern-day Belgium , or immediately across the border in modern-day France, since several times in his life he was classified legally as a Frenchman for instance, when he made his will. Josquin was long mistaken for a man with a similar name, Josquin de Kessalia, born around the year , who sang in Milan from to , dying in According to Matthews and Merkley, "des Prez" was an alternative name.

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Notes Edited by Richard Sherr. Oxford: Oxford University Press, [xxix, p. ISBN With the preparation of the New Josquin Edition Utrecht: Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, has come a meticulous campaign of source criticism and stylistic analysis that has called into question the authenticity of some of the most beloved compositions ascribed to the master.

Moreover, only within the last eight years or so have we discovered or confirmed basic facts about his life, including: his complete name Josquin LeBloitte dit Desprez ; where he was employed ca.

In this rapidly changing state of research any project involving Josquin or his music —particularly a long-term and comprehensive one bearing the auctoritas of Oxford University Press—poses daunting challenges. It is precisely under these circumstances that Richard Sherr assembled an impressive roster of scholars to reassess the output of Josquin Desprez.

Of the thirteen contributors to The Josquin Companion, few would consider themselves "Josquin scholars. The final subsection of this chapter, starkly titled "Not Josquin des Prez," lists documents concerning other musicians named Josquin who had previously been confused with our composer. The terseness of this chronology belies the painstaking research leading to these discoveries, and offers no hint of the monumental impact the revised biography will undoubtedly have on Josquin scholarship in the near future.

Mirroring the taxonomy of the New Josquin Edition, chapters are organized by genre; masses are further sorted according to source material and compositional process, while motets and chansons are each divided according to number of voices.

Although this sometimes results in a bewildering array of lengthy footnotes laden with details, and summaries of often contradictory findings, it bespeaks the deliberate and Herculean effort to gather such scholarship or citations to it in one convenient source.

Moreover, although each chapter is a stand-alone entity, all citations reappear in a cumulative bibliography prepared by Peter Urquhart. This is an excellent resource for anyone researching music from the age of Du Fay through the mid-sixteenth century.

Discussions of compositional features are Access options available:.

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The Josquin Companion



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