The amount of muscle mass you keep is the largest determinant of resting metabolism and one of the biggest factors affecting dieting success. Trust me… my journey started when I was 13… more on that in a minute. I had tried many times before to get lean but, in spite of intense diet and exercise… I never achieved those washboard abs. I failed time and time again. Most bodybuilders at the time were doing the typical low-fat diet, but from my exhaustive study, I found that high levels of dietary fat are essential for preserving as much muscle as possible while losing the greatest amount of body fat.

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It helps more people find our show. If you have ever gone to a loud concert or had an exposure to like an airplane engine and your ears are ringing, you have had a symptom of inner ear damage which is also known as Tinnitus.

The normal explanation for this is that your ears have tiny little hairs called cilia that move based on the different pressures of the sound waves that travel through them. The other thing that Bio Hackers know that can cause a ringing sound is actually jaw tension believe it or not. If you have excess tension in your jaw that affects your trigeminal nerve, one of the side effects of that is ringing in the ears.

It can happen from the nerves or it can happen from the hairs in your ears. Either one works. Today we have a really good interview with John Kiefer, a software geek turned exercise physiologist. Can you say Bio Hacker? Kiefer, as he goes by, uses his knowledge of systems thinking to improve human performance.

Today, we talk about his unique system of nutrient timing called Carb Back-Loading. If you are one of those people who wants to gain as much muscles as you can with a minimum amount of fat or just maintain a healthy weight without driving yourself crazy, there is some methods in the show that may very well be right for you. Kiefer applies his knowledge from a career in Physics to hack the human body for fat loss, muscle gain and improved performance.

He writes about his work at dangerouslyhardcore. Kiefer is coming on Upgraded Self Radio to help you do what some people call alchemy — burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

Kiefer, welcome to the show. I appreciate the invite. My parents had no idea about nutrition so it was breakfast, breakfast cereals and then that led to me watching TV a lot and eating loaves of bread. I started off in private school and everybody knew each other. My first year there, I was maybe in public school a month, the classroom was really quiet. I, about 13 is when I just became really aware and started, probably had a few bad dieting habits and none of that was working so it was just always being curious about everything and just led me to read and try to figure out different things to do.

Being the fat kid myself I hit pounds by the time I was going to college but I was pretty big growing up. Most people do the opposite of what it takes to lose weight. Well, insulin is not really there to help you use the carbs. In certain performance instances it will help you use them, for example long aerobic events, endurance events.

I remember when I used to cycle going on a hundred mile-rides I was definitely consuming carbohydrates during those rides. They allowed me to finish them in pretty good times. They can basically kind of burn out your nervous system a little bit.

But if you train in the afternoon, you can actually cause your muscle tissue to continue using sugar while stopping your fat cells from being able to store it. Insulin becomes the different player in the evening if you can train at the right time. People who were doing a Bulletproof fast will have no carbs in the morning. You can burn ample amounts of fat just through the fatty acids cycle and using fatty acids. This question brings up a great point.

The problem is that window normally only last, your replenishing glycogens stores, only lasts for hours and then after that, depending on the time of day, the carbohydrates may or may not be burned off through a wasteful of thermogenic processes. It will throw off a lot more heat than normal.

That effect in itself helps prevent a lot of fat storage. That makes sense. You release adrenaline faster. Your body is more sensitive particularly to the fat burning properties of adrenaline and you get bigger rushes of adrenaline. All right. We totally are in great enlightenment on that. I still have a hard time denying my fat kid nature. It varies. The MCTs from the coconut oil help to sustain fat burning, you get a nice insulin release from the sweet potato and you also get excellent carb storage from it.

One of my top three choices would be sweet potatoes or yams. We eat quite a lot of those. You can turn them into French fries without actually frying them and damaging oils.

Every once in a while I have a craving but I try to go for those lower gluten things because my body reacts so much. I was totally clueless. I just had this conversation the other day because that was the first carb back-loading food was ice cream.

What are the supplements? What supplements do you use to take care of yourself? Which ones are waste of money, which ones are really good? Those two, in my opinion, are indispensable especially with the food environment that we live in today.

Myostatin is the main regulator of … one of the main regulators of muscle growth. I found that low temperature-processed concentrate is way, way more comfortable for almost everyone to eat. Actually Dr. Mercola and I went back and forth on that a little bit.

Before he sort of copied my diet and put it in his site, he did make a pretty clear case, said he should put that concentrate ought to be up there higher than isolate in terms of benefits. Why do you recommend isolate? I found that I always had a major problem with, I actually stopped supplementing with protein powders for a while because a few years ago after I had a software job that was horrible, took me out of the gym for 6 months, working 90 hours a week. When I came back, I was trying to get some of my size back quickly and I was using just over the counter whey isolates.

I noticed that I had a lot of intestinal problems so I just stopped. I definitely was not bombing the room like I used to. People just could not spend evenings with me because the gas was horrid. I think you may be surprised.

I certainly was. It came from grass fed cows from South America, low temperature, all that kind of stuff. I realized I had to be as precise with my Whey Protein as I do with my coffee if I wanted to just feel good all the time without these weird things happening.

Can you tell our listeners about Glute Activation? Your cells have these specialized protein structures called glucose transporters or Glutes. Some of them are always present at the cell surface and in body tissue that always has those kind of sticking out into the fluids.

They can just grab sugar and take them out into the cell. For example your brain, your liver, your kidneys, they all have the Express Glute 1 and 2 primarily or 2 and 3.

The first three all act the same. I believe all cells have Glute 1 so all cells can use glucose to some degree; 2 and 3 bind more strongly and can help nourish tissue and that tissue feel itself without insulin.

Then muscle tissue and fat tissue have a different kind of glute, Glute 4 and also an ISO form Glute 12 that the cell needs to come in contact with insulin before those glute proteins will come to the surface of the cell.

Once they get hit with insulin, they translocate to the surface where they can then start grabbing glucose and bring it into the cell. Glute 4 and 12 and actually 5 are the primary glutes in skeletal muscle tissue and fat tissue. Again, those are our most insulin sensitive tissues in the body. It just wants cells coming contact with it, the glute can raise the surface.

They can grab the sugar and then use it. When that happens other tissues have to compensate. For example your kidneys, they become overstressed trying to process all the glucose.

Of course kidney damage is very familiar in diabetic research and your liver tries as best as it can to convert it into glycogen and then your nervous system tissue is trying to over-process as well which again, causes some of the neuropathy effects that are associated with diabetes. You talked about how resistance training is superior to aerobic training for activating these glutes as transporters.

Why is that and do you think aerobic exercise can get the same benefit that resistance training can when paired with carb back-loading? What is known is that heavy contractions of muscle tissue translocate glute far more extensively than aerobic exercise. Even without insulin around, all of a sudden your muscle cells can start using and soak up glucose unlike the fat cells. Aerobic training unfortunately it does cause some translocation but not extensive and can actually blunt the response of later resistance training to Glute 4 translocation.

For example they did this study last year that I found very interesting that supports the entire carb back-loading regime and that they just took normal sedentary people. All they did was they moved all their carbohydrates from the first half of the day and allow them to eat carbohydrates towards the end of the day. This was a calorically deficit diet. They were trying to help these people lose weight and the people that just eat carbs later in the day actually were able to lose more body fat and keep more muscle without resistance training.

There are however ways to do your aerobic exercise and get all the benefits. I mean your workload over … You only need 30 minutes three times a week. You just need to sprint every 30 seconds out of 4 minutes for all the health benefits without any of the downside. I would much rather do that than waste my entire day on a bicycle.

Speaking of that, lunch is not a good time for those people to train.


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Start your review of The Carb Nite Solution Write a review Aug 05, Angela rated it really liked it This is a very simple read and it explains the basics of the diet well. You also get a glimpse into why other diets may not be working for you. However, the book is in sore need of an update and the author has promised one in mid If you are already familiar with low carb dieting and the way it works, most of the information included in the book will not be new to you. You can find most of the information for free there. It is, in my opinion, worth learning more about his specific approach. He makes use of natural hormone cycles to increase metabolic function and weight loss within the low carb diet framework.


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