Gideon is a Ancient healer and the oldest surviving member of his race, the demon. He ends up pulling away freaking out over his loss of control and her young age and telling himself it is the madness of the hallowed moons. Calls her a child and 4 It took you 9 years to figure that out? Calls her a child and there by Pissing her off to no end and then he exiled himself for almost 9 years. So at the start of this book He and Legna figure out they are actually mates and started imprinting 9 years ago. Now he has to win her love and trust and make up for hurt feelings!

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Read an excerpt from Siddah Legna! She laughed as she twisted around to see the little creature clinging for his life to her gossamer skirts. In truth, when I was a young girl, since your mother is my eldest sister, she used to punish me when I was naughty.

Her heart went out to him as she rememberedall too well how strict her sister could be. Are you in so much trouble again so soon? You can tell her not to spank me. When it comes time for your Siddah to foster you, she will be very strict with you. I promise you, dearest heart, that I will be a very stern teacher. And my first lesson to you is that you must face up to the ramifications of your mistakes.

All good men do. I am a little boy. I am only six years old. But how often have you told me that you wish to be a man as brave and strong as your uncle? You claim that one day you will be King of all Demons, like your uncle Noah. I truly believe that you wish to be a good child in your heart. Legna stood up to her full height, smiling at her sister Hannah as the other woman moved into the room to scoop her errant youngster from the floor, setting him high on her shoulder.

I was just playing hide and seek with Uncle Noah. For now, it is home and to bed with you, where you will think about your behavior until your father returns. Then you will discuss the matter with him, because it is clear that my discussions with you have no effect. Find your li-li-ni and travel home. Perhaps if you are in bed and quiet by the time I come home, I will rethink telling your father how naughty you have been. He shuffled out of the arboretum, casting his aunt one last pleading look before he meandered across the Great Hall, clearly hoping to put off his confinement for as long as possible.

I do not think I could be Siddah to any more of your children. Take solace in the fact that they are a good seven years apart in age. Also, Noah is Siddah as well to them both. You will not be alone in their training. No one is. Are you unhappy here? Noah is King, most revered of all Demons, as well as one of the most powerful Fire Demons in all our history.

You know well enough that in spite of the volatility of his root element, he is most loving and attentive, his power and responsibility making him incredibly sensitive to the needs of those around him. I am busy here, as both his chatelaine and an invaluable diplomat of his court. But perhaps A great deal can occur even in that short span of time. I was only musing aloud. It is nothing for you to make a fuss over. He is just a boy," the mother argued for her child, waving off the matter as if it meant nothing to any of them, quickly forgetting that she had been just as perturbed with him.

Legna turned to glance from one sibling to the other, as usual wondering which of the two Demons who boasted connection with so hot-blooded an element would be the first to lose their temper, as they often did when they came head to head with one another. Luckily, Fire Demons were rare. Unluckily, it was quite volatile to have two in the same family. It often fell to Legna, the empath and consummate diplomat, to discern who was getting hot under the proverbial and literal collar quickly enough to defuse the situation.

Hannah and Noah dearly loved one another, but often the love was strongest when they were not too close to each other and definitely stronger when they were not arguing opposite sides in a contest of wills. She was not one to get rattled easily, but the habitual fingering of the jeweled choker was a dead giveaway that she was disturbed.

Each of the three Demons standing in the flourishing arboretum was well aware of the recent troubles that had begun to plague the Nightwalker races. Legna herself had become a victim of these happenings when she had been Summoned by four necromancers intent on stealing her powers and those of her fellow Demons for their own ends and uses. Or worse. However," Noah continued, "we were discussing methods of dealing with necromancers should we encounter them in the future. I do not need to tell you that listening to the Enforcers and warriors debate the best tactics to rid us of this threat was not the thing for six-year-old ears.

I am sorry. I will go to Daniel at once. I am worried for him. I do not mean to be harsh. It is your duty to worry for us all. And I know that, at this time, it is a heavy burden. I will see to Daniel. Noah turned to face his younger sister, arching one brow to a fairly smug height. Legna lifted a brow back at him, giving him a delicate smattering of applause.

Longer, actually. I was beginning to wonder if you were my brother at all. Perhaps some imposter You are speaking words of treason," he teased her, tugging her hair once more, making her turn around to swat at his hand. You are such a child! You are just about seven hundred years old.

One would think you could at least act like it. You are the only one who relieves that for me. It is my belief that we should never completely give up that part of us which is childlike, fun loving, and mischievous. And," he said, moving close enough to brush back a strand of hair that had become mussed by his abuse, his affection for her shining clearly in his eyes, "so long as you continue to keep me young at heart, I will never let you forget to stay that way as well, little sister.

She had been teasing him, but she suddenly regretted it, knowing he had been heavily burdened for a very long time with the crying needs of their race. She would let him tease every last hair from her head if it gave him some peace and happiness to balance out his stresses and duties. And you have always been quite attentive to me over the years," she agreed. The monsters who dared to steal you from me are dead. You are safe and that is the end of the matter.

As you say, I am safe now, so what does it matter? Do you still think to hide behind Isabella, the one who saved me from becoming Transformed? We must protect Isabella. Isabella is a precious commodity. Oh, let us not reveal how she saved me, or it will give others false hope, possibly put our Bella in danger.

No one! I want you to turn and look at me and talk to me about why you are avoiding this discussion when there is no one here but me. I swore in that moment that if by some miracle I had you safe in my reach once more, I would never allow anything to put your existence in jeopardy ever again.

If I do not discuss these things with you it is because I cannot bear to relive the pain of that moment, nor can I entertain the fear of it happening again without it paralyzing me. I beg you to let this topic rest from now on, Magdelegna. If not for the safety of you and others involved, then for my peace of mind. His fear was palpable, and so alien. Noah was the bravest and most steadfast male she had ever known, and it shook her to sense the debilitating emotion from him.

But what endangered her feelings more was the realization that he was keeping something from her. In effect, it was like lying to her.

Even if she had not been able to empathize with his feelings, the way his eyes dilated slightly, accompanied by the spike in his pulse and blood pressure, would have given him away.

Add to it the fact that she very easily could feel a strong anxiety lying beneath his fear, and Legna was certain of her perception.



But there are also dangerous humans who hunt them—necromancers who use the blackest magic to manipulate them. And for a Demon named Gideon, the battle against these evil forces will soon be all too personal. For a thousand years, Gideon has healed his people. And as the oldest surviving male of his race, his wisdom has always been respected without question. Now, with necromancers threatening his people—and Magdelegna nearly their victim—Gideon must face another truth. He and the beautiful, stubborn Magdelegna are destined to be together, to share a love as deep and old as time itself. But first he needs to regain her trust.


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