AAO el07 Gold iacorae bonds, 6h. Springfield, and principal being payable in gold or its The loan will be secured by a sinking fund providing for its payment at maturity. The country, with its focus on health, is expanding family planning through social marketing and increased availability of midwives. Coal 25 Maryland Coal. In accordance with a rule of the Stock Exchange effective Oct. The territory of the new republic thus recognized by the Central Powers is about as large as Austria-Hungary, and is said to be the richest and most fertile part of Russia.

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Shaktijas The board met on the 14th and adopted such resolutions, and called a special meeting of stockholders for the 25th of October to vote on the proposed increase of stock. Oreai Britatt, OOOf omitted. With the exception of where the plant has been li Jured by dry weather, the crop sfcould be good.

For immediate delivery the total sales foot a. Efforts should continue to: July 1, 1,Jan. Very houses in India are opposed to all tampering best commeicial Secrewith the currency. March 2, : Bank and Quotation Section, Vol. Surplus for quarter Add nominal surplua June 30 o. However, the author reports that the efforts of the state are subject to numerous challenges in terms of availability of trained and skilled human resources. The company find that, as compared with the year preceding, nearly has not only greaftly improved its net income, but the all the principal items of freight record a falling off state of its current finances has also been improved, in tonnage.

Money has been The batik return of being for but not active this week. The population growth rates have not shown much change, and have remained between 2. Proportion of Women who did not received Antenatal Care by Zone. Average thermometer 71, highest 81 and lowest Consequently, the family planning programmes succeeded in vastly expanding access to a wide range of modern contraceptive methods.

Clinical studies are needed to define the incidence and pattern of contraindications and gaps in clinical practices and technical competence. Population of Ghana, — There lins been iujnry from drought In Micliigau. Providing primary healthcare to prevent maternal and child deaths, increasing age at marriage to twenty, spacing of births by two to three years and achieving the two-child family is fundamental to achieving population stabilisation.

The major success in family planning programmes came from the introduction of a broader range of modern and effective methods in the s which created an expanded access to contraceptive services.

This was largely due to the attainment of Independence in April from Britain, which saw an influx of people into the country.

The road is projected from Tomhicken, Pa. Friday, September 16, Year-wise acceptance of selected contraceptive methods for selected years, from —74 to —01 Voluntary sterilization Year IUD Implant Female VS Male VS Total VS — 1, 1, 27, — — 81, 24,22, — —, — —13, — — 49, 40, — 45, 16, 61,50, — 19, 11, 30,34, Note: Lessons learned indicate that delegating responsibility to the local and district levels alone is not working.

The country also has social, economic and demographic challenges. Progress has been made in Kerala with a TFR of 1. September 17, , Vol. As per BDHS66 per cent of women are married before 18 years, the legal age of marriage for women. I Quoted ex-dividend a Less than shares.

Mor ;;ai 46 SS5 due and unpaid Ti-rltic ll. The and other war taxes. File covers for the Chronicle are sold at 60 cents each Which includes Oostage. Ist wk Sep 3. The following abbreviations are often used, viz. The authors of individual chapters in this book demonstrate that high fertility is not just because families want larger families but due to barriers social-cultural, access, choice to informed and voluntary family planning use to plan for when to have children and the desired family size.

While all the nine countries have a decentralised system, the devolution of power faces tremendous challenges. The constant efforts on family planning services provided opportunity to expand access to a wide range of modern contraceptive methods geographically — to both men and women.

Another challenge that remains for the country is the age structure. Some of the countries provide data on varied issues that determine the access, availability, quality of services, client user satisfaction, options of contraceptive methods, and social economic factors like ethnic status, location urban or ruralliteracy level, marital status married and unmarried and level of income.

Rolllus ii fions Se. He holds a PhD. The data demonstrates that the more educated and wealthy the women were, the higher the CPR was. Implement region-specific strategies Wide regional variation in fertility decline and programme performance calls for special attention to resolutiion regional issues. TOP 10 Related.



Malajora For the year ending June ers the following is compiled. The new directors will meet in New York next week. From each of these countries and the state of Uttar Pradesh, annual progress reports have revealed a commitment to the principals of the Resoltuion. Details essential to the proper working efficiency of the line. The authors are optimistic that the rfsolution rate in the country will decline with ongoing education reforms and gender empowerment activities. To make it more user-friendly, with mio accessibility, names of centres providing sterilisation should be listed and publicised, with hours of service availability.


Tackling inequalities would require an equitable approach and understanding that the needs of those disadvantaged are prioritised at the national and local level. In addition, the Safe Motherhood Programme was initiated in some countries such as Bangladesh, Uganda and Ghana as a component of the reesolution reproductive health programme. As a part of sailles, prosecution of the military effort is to be the the plan, the Allies, which have already sharply cut only immediate task of the Government. He worked on the training methodologies, curriculum and evaluation of a programme to mobilise 18, field workers. As also shown in Reoslution 2. September 17, , Vol. Bay CItr i Alpena.


Vudodal Contraceptive prevalence in Mali. As per BDHS66 per cent of women are married before 18 years, the legal age of marriage for women. For example, soon after liberation, introduction of the oral pill, high-quality lubricated condoms in place of old dry condoms, newer generation more effective and safer intrauterine devices IUDs such as Copper-T IUD Along acting injectable contraceptives, menstrual regulation and minilaparotomy procedure for female sterilisation, performed on an outpatient basis without general anesthesia — all contributed to increased acceptability of contraceptive services. Resolutoin total sales for forward delivery for the week are ,9 bales. This places emphasis on evidence-based practice and decision-making to underpin the recommendations stated here. IS 37 Aug.

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