Mezilkis Instruments and implants approved by. Additional reaming may be required, or, in some instances, a smaller implant diameter may be selected. No Modular Reamer Box Cat. If the nail fails to advance adequately, use biplanar imaging of the nail tip and the fracture zone to identify the source of the impingement.

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Instruments and implants approved by the AO Foundation. No Proximal Reamer Cat. For cl fixation of proximal femur fractures. Table of Contents Introduction 2. Entry portal location and proximal reaming With the 3. The affected limb is adducted. The extremity is prepped and draped. Attach the appropriate length screw to the Short Hexdriver, connect the T-Handle and insert the screw until it is seated.

No Guide Bolt Cat. Robert Yechnique, MD St. Tap over the Guide Pin as necessary, using imaging to determine the proper depth. No x mm Guide Rod Cat. Compression can be achieved by turning the gold knob on the Compression Dial clockwise. No Multipurpose Wrench Cat. To help ensure the accuracy of the drill guide, it is helpful to tighten the Guide Bolt with the Tissue Protector and Lag Screw Reamer in technqiue.

The proximal end of the nail has been reduced by 5mm in length to avoid prominence at the greater trochanter. No Tchnique Screw Driver Cat. Another common position is to flex the hip and knee of the unaffected extremity and place it in a leg holder.

No Small Outer Case Cat. For minimally invasive osteosynthesis. This indicator is found at the end of the threads techhique on the shaft of the Lag Screw Insertion Wrench. Once perfect circles are established, make a stab incision and using the Short 3. Instruments and implants approved by More information. No Lag Screw Tap Cat. Proven to increase stability and early techmique bearing in unstable fractures from sliding compression and providing an intramedullary trochanteric buttress.

Start display at page:. Additional reaming may be required, or, in some instances, a smaller implant diameter may be selected.

Part of the Synthes locking compression plate LCP system. All rights reserved REV0. Angle this incision posteriorly at its proximal end. Universal system Modular packaging maximizes screw options Low-profile design More information. By featuring a Centering Sleeve to enhance Lag Screw sliding and medializing the implant to reduce the moment arm, this design improved implant biomechanics for the treatment of techniqje fractures.

Available with Standard Lag Screw and Sleeve. No Guide Bolt Wrench Cat. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Page 2 Design Features Related Posts.



Begin reaming with the 9. Techniqye Reamer Heads Cat No. Additional steps are removed by using the 3 in 1 Lag Screw Inserter that places the Lag Screw and Sleeve and compresses the Lag Screw all in one instrument. We are dedicated to developing products, service. Image intensifier imgs Warning.


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Titanium Elastic Nail System. Other new features A more anatomical 2. It is inserted into the Telescoping Reamer Sleeve until it abuts the end of the sleeve. No mm Medium Hexdriver Cat. Special techniques and More information. Designed to provide stable internal fixation.



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