Dies ist ein Buch das ich immer wieder gerne weiterempfehle. Wir kommen jetzt zu Bild 1: Es gibt aber noch einen andern wichtigen Aspekt: Die Schaltgeschwindigkeit. Wenn Teilbild 1. Teilbild 1. Ganz anders jedoch bei schnellen Multiplexanwendungen, die hier jedoch nicht weiter thematisiert werden. Es gibt noch eine andere Geschwindigkeitsbremse.

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CD can be used in multiplexing of analog or digital signals. The switches inside this IC have very low internal resistance. Therefore, it can be used in audio applications and in isolating signals.

How to use it? The working principle of this quad bilateral switch is very easy. The CD IC consists of four switches. It can switch analog signals through digital control. An analog signal is applied at the input of the switch.

If a HIGH or 1 value is fed into the control input, the analog signal will be passed from input to the output of a switch. The internal structure of this IC is shown in the figure below.

As it is a bilateral switch, therefore it can operate in both directions forward and reverse. Each switch has two pins which can be used as both input and output for switching voltages. Pin 14 is connected to the positive terminal of voltage supply and pin 7 is connected to the ground of the circuit.

When the control input is HIGH or 1, the terminals of the switch have low impedance between them, and they are said to be in ON condition. Truth Table Working Output The truth table indicating the effect on output by changing inputs is shown in the table given below.


4066 CMOS IC DIP14 CD4066BE Quad Bilateral Switch



Liste von integrierten Schaltkreisen der 74xx-Familie


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