Melkis Goodness, the people who think this book is about racial identity have some seriously racist ideas about racial identity. Lists with This Book. Feb 02, Mel rated it liked it. Finally making her way in school, she is again upheaved when she is sent to a different school for smarter kids. Her father has remarried, his new wife supports them all with the addiction of her own two children and feels Mishna should be contributing more, monetarily and domestically.

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A more reflective writer would surely see how sad this is, but Wolff races midhna to the next set piece, like the comic pro she is. Now some parts of the book were funny, like her stint with the basketball teams and some of her other antics trying to fit in. But I wonder how it really was. Her father, however, grew up with black friends in a black neighborhood and basically grew up black. It made me laugh, and think, throughout dpwn entire story. With new found chutzpah, she attains the friendships she desired as well as the confidence to gain a few more.

Rainier Valley is considered to be the ghetto of the area that they are living in and Mishna has a difficult time making friends, primarily because she is white.

Finally making her way in school, she is misshna upheaved when she is sent to a different school for smarter kids. She seems to skirt the pain, suffering and sadness that seem to constantly bubble below the surface of her entire childhood. The memoir, such as it is, has a couple of problems. When her parents divorce shortly after, she and her younger sister solff with their father while their mother deals with life as it is. Those who think so are the very people she mentions in the latter half of the book in my opinion.

Not long after, however, her father finds a new women named Yvonne to mingle with. Her father, woolff charismatic man who seemed to fit wolrf smoothly into the African-American community, still remains a mystery to me. Perhaps Mishna Wolff wrote this book without having had enough time to be able to see her father through more mature eyes. As Mishna got older, people began to see that she was not challenged in school. I was shown the book by a good friend at work, and we though it looked funny.

What happened in high school? Driving a windowless van with no seats? She spends the book her life trying to figure out which culture, eolff household, which side of the family she belonged to. Mishna never knew where she should be or how she should act. And of course, the father gets out and screams at mishna that this is her fault because she should have been watching him.

She could not dance, sing or even jump rope, and she displayed weakness in a tough neighborhood. I absolutely hated this book! Related Posts


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