Ella estuvo conmigo. En mi comienzo. El rayo umbilical nos dio la vuelta. Abajo queda el asombro del tiempo.

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His mother grew up in Contepec amidst the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution. After nearly losing his life at age ten in a shotgun accident, Aridjis became an avid reader and began to write poetry. Aridjis has published 48 books of poetry and prose, many of them translated into a dozen languages. He has been an editorial page columnist at the Mexican newspapers La Jornada , Reforma and El Universal since , publishing hundreds of articles about environmental, political and literary topics.

For six years between and he was President of PEN International , the worldwide association of writers. Personal life[ edit ] In , Aridjis married Betty Ferber. Critical appreciation[ edit ] This section is in list format, but may read better as prose.

You can help by converting this section , if appropriate. Editing help is available. These are words for a new Magic Flute. His work is very beautiful, above all, his style is very original, very novel. An admirable poetic prose has been the ideal channel for this erotic crossing.

Handled with perfect control of its rhythms, its internal breathing and the precise integrity of its sounds, it has shown the voice of the Mexican poet in all its deep singularity.

The power of this poem, or of this scandalous and fascinating illumination, is incomparable. This poetical form gives the story a new and splendid dimension.

The overall effect is one of splendidly rendered originality and authenticity The sense of menace and threat that Aridjis conjures up is extraordinary. Homero Aridjis retrieves, through the miracle of his magical prose, the very essence of the twilight of Spain. It is impossible not to respect the eloquence which Aridjis brings to lives facing the threat of sudden death at every point and the subtlety with which he insists that the death of the spirit is more terrible than anything that may befall the body.

I think the author is completely surrealist, which for me is great praise. It too often chooses between exacerbated realism and a kind of free-for-all fantasy.

Aridjis, on the contrary, can use all kinds of voice, showing absolute mastery in all, and an astonishing narrative virtuosity. Homero is a great poet; our century has great need of him. Solar Poems is a beautiful and necessary collection of poems by a wise poet at the peak of his powers. Kennedy Jr. It will be an inspiration to future generations. Thanks to this group, presided over by the saintly poet Homero Aridjis, in our world we can still enjoy the magic of monarch butterflies, sea turtles and gray whales.

Their source is the reality of the natural world. It is an invaluable contribution to understanding why we must preserve our global environment. As a child, he would often walk up a hillside behind his village to watch the migrating monarch butterflies. As he grew older logging thinned the forest and his concern for the fate of the butterflies and the trees triggered his earliest public defense of the environment. Under his leadership the Group of achieved in the official decree ensuring protection for the forests where the migratory monarch butterfly overwinters and in a permanent ban on the capture and commercialization of all seven species of sea turtle in Mexico.

The Group was able to thwart the building of dams on the Usumacinta River that would have flooded square kilometers of the Lacandon forest and submerged important Mayan ruins. Thanks to Aridjis and the Group of the government agreed to publish daily reports of air quality in Mexico City, leaded gasoline was phased out and lead content in pottery drastically reduced, construction of an airport extension which would have obliterated a bird and wildlife sanctuary in Lake Texcoco was halted, thousands of tons of powdered milk contaminated by fallout from Chernobyl were returned to Ireland before they could be distributed in Mexico and a program limiting the circulation of cars in Mexico City one day each week was put into practice by the city government.

Among the participants were J. In he organized and presided over the second "Morelia Symposium: Approaching the Year ". Aridjis obtained funding for both meetings from the Rockefeller Foundation. As a pioneer of Mexican civil society , Aridjis played a crucial role in raising environmental awareness and promoting public participation for solving environmental problems, as well as defending freedom of expression about environmental matters. Merwin , Rita Dove and Paul Muldoon. Visiting professor, New York University, Visiting professor and writer-in-residence, Columbia University,


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