Moogumuro Yogurts with pH values lower may be rejected by consumers and would favor coagulation due to reduction of proteins and lead to whey separation. No application of this product is found whatsoever in drinks, since milk-based products are easily consumed and versatile with high physiological functionality, and also viewed as healthy products among consumers. This growth harrina be caused by the higher levels of phosphorus and potassium in the flour, since yacon has significant concentrations of such minerals, Gibson G R, Roberfroid M. This fact is rather justifiable because, the same quantity of yogurt presents a reduction in the level of carbohydrates, something that asks for the definition of a quadratic effect to account for such behavior. Int J Dairy Technol ;55 2: These values are calculated to provide 1.

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Dasar Further studies are needed in order to optimize the use of even greater yacon concentrations in food products given the notable benefits it can bring to consumers. Moreover, the product has yacin level of dietary fiber which may cause a slower absorption of carbohydrates in the intestinal tract. However, the yogurts containing more than 2. The yogurt serving size was set to be mL.

These values are calculated to provide 1. Parallel to this, there has been a rapid development in foods which present not only nutritional characteristics and proper technology, but also ingredients that have a biological role in preventing diseases and promoting health, known as functional foods 2. The increase in caloric value may be due to the change in carbohydrate content in the yacon flour.

Based on these facts, the objective of the present study was to use different proportions of yacon flour as an ingredient in the preparation of light yogurts followed by evaluation of its effect on the physicochemical properties of the product. This experiment lasted for 2 minutes and generated a total of 30 points.

Field Crop Res ; Instrumental color and sensory acceptance of soy-based emulsions: Rev Leite e Derivados ; 5 This was expected since the yacon root has low concentrations of these compounds 4. Therefore, the yogurts containing ore than 2. Regression models were adjusted to evaluate variation of these components due to yacon flour supplementation to the yogurt table 2.

Mean values and standard deviation for centesimal composition and caloric value of the yogurts added of yacon flour. Determination of Lab color values of the yogurts Lab color coordinates were determined by a CR color reader from Konica Minolta with the following operating conditions: The inclusion of 0. Results of physicochemical determinations were analyzed in a completely randomized design CRD 18 model, with 5 yogurt formulations and 2 repetitions.

Therefore, it is suggested that the FOS and inulin content in yogurts with 1. The carbohydrate fraction was determined to be the remaining portion of the sample after discounting the levels of water, protein, lipid, ash and total dietary fiber. A growing concern regarding health and quality of life is causing people to value physical exercise, eating healthier foods and reducing consumption of those high in sugar, salt and fat.

Results were expressed in mPa. According to Brazilian regulations, functional foods are those which present at least 1. This fact is rather justifiable because, the same quantity of yogurt presents a reduction in the level of carbohydrates, something that asks for the definition of a quadratic effect to account for such behavior.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of yacon meal as a prebiotic in rations harna Muscovy ducks. Rev Bras Cienc Farm ;43 2: This may result from coloring of flour, which happens due to enzymatic browning reactions by the presence of phenolic compounds 4and non-enzymatic browning during yogurt processing. Determination of the caloric value of the yogurts. As expected, when taking into account the lower apparent viscosity of yogurt with 1.

The caloric value ranged from Determination of the centesimal composition of the yogurts The following analyses were performed: Carbohydr Polym ;46 2: Concept in functional foods: Ther umsch ; 64 3: The ducks were grouped in five treatments: This reduced gumminess during intake SAS Institute, Inc Related Posts


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