I say this with no expectation. The needle is going to die. Even better. This needle clearly has a mind of its own and it is going to eat the fucking bacon. Or die. The choice is its.

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I say this with no expectation. The needle is going to die. Even better. This needle clearly has a mind of its own and it is going to eat the fucking bacon. Or die. The choice is its. If you are wondering, this is as good as it gets, sewing for me. Goes to shower. The hot water is clearly trying its damnedest to be more than luke warm, but not a chance.

But then I tasted the bacon and the bacon gave me a new appreciation of the sausage. Not that I ate more of it, but with a gun to my head and given the choice I would have smiled winsomely at the sausage. I would have wraggled my finger at it and told it to come this way.

So, now the technician is here. Everybody working in this hotel is East European except for a horrible Englishman who bosses them all about. They have no agency to be nice. In fact the receptionist has been so nice to me twice so far that we are both fearful she is going to lose her job.

It turns out, in addition to there being a large hole in the window, the heating in the hotel is only turned on certain times of the day.

Last Saturday I also stayed in a 4 star hotel and it was a Rolls Royce. He suggests that if I have my showers in the evening or the crack of dawn they will be warmer But wait - dashes into bathroom for cosy chat with technician. If you run the shower for 15 minutes before climbing in - I know, I know, I have occasionally been known to exaggerate a tad but these are the very words of the technician - it does get warmer.

Probably not warm enough, but warmer. Geez, is this hard for a person from the South of Australia to do. Our legal showers have been 2 minutes for some years due to our ongoing drought conditions. To watch 15 minutes of water go down the tubes in order to get a comfortable shower is difficult indeed. Expect another installment please.


The Complete Fawlty Towers

In "The Psychiatrist", Basil Fawlty is justifiably self-conscious — if not paranoid — about having a psychiatrist staying in his hotel. If ever there was a man of parts whose best and worst parts so often seem to be faults, that man is Basil Fawlty. This episode serves up a typically generous assortment of confusions and minor disasters, followed by explanations or cover-ups that make things worse. At the moment, Basil is lurking in a broom closet upstairs, trying to catch a girl that a guest, Johnson, has smuggled into his room.


Fawlty Towers - Transcript (I)

Yozshugor Not funny for her, not for us, not for any German people. A great present for a great person. However, for those studying teleplays for wonderful examples of playwriting — from structuring pratfalls to slipping in throwaway wit — these scripts are the text at the foundation of the csripts screen series. Showing of 34 reviews.


Fawlty Towers - The Fire Drill. Group Scripts 4+ Players

Edit Template:Main Basil Fawlty , played by John Cleese , is a cynical and snobbish misanthrope who is desperate to belong to a higher social class. He sees a successful hotel as a means of achieving this "turn it into an establishment of class He is intimidated by his wife Sybil Fawlty. He yearns to stand up to her, but his plans frequently conflict with her demands.

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