Stadions: 12 De loting voor het EK is in december verricht. Daarmee is het grootste deel van het speelschema EK ook bekend. Bekijk hier de indeling van alle groepen. Het Europees Kampioenschap voetbal van , ook wel Euro genoemd, is de zestiende editie van dit vierjaarlijkse toernooi. Het wordt georganiseerd in van 11 juni tot en met 11 juli in maar liefst twaalf verschillende landen, waaronder Nederland Johan Cruijff ArenA Amsterdam. Op deze website blijf je op de hoogte van alles omtrent het EK

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The sky was blue and the Hawk circled high in the sky singing hawk. From a distance, he could see lady bugs flying from plant to plant. The lady bugs were flying and the sun was reflecting on their brilliant metallic orange bodies with black spots on them. One Lady Bug seemed different from all the others. She looked like she was basking in the sun. She looked like she was experiencing enchantment while all others were just so busy being busy.

This Lady Bug was listening to the music of hawk song. As hawk song became louder and louder the lady bugs flew to hiding, all, except one. There were no words immediately just a peaceful observation of each other.

Afraid of what? Of me," he asked? When they heard your song they feared and they took refuge," she said. If you wanted to harm me, we would not be talking," she said.

She went on to say, "it must be really lonely for you always flying alone and singing alone? Sometimes I have even sang to you but I was sure you could not hear me," she told him.

Your song does not sound like lady bug song. It sounds like hawk song I have heard before," he said. I am glad you heard it," she said. They call me names that really are more suited to the humans. They call me predator but there is no predator like the human. Everywhere they go they kill and when they are not killing some of us, they are killing each other.

We, of the hawk dominion, can never let our guard down because if we do for a minute, we find them hunting us with stones that fly in the air at great speeds and make us fall to the ground. Yes, it is lonely and so I sing and fly and hope that someone will fly with me and sing with me and share adventures with me. I can not even see as far as you.

No one as beautiful as you would fly with me," he said. We are going to the sky," he told her. For hours the Hawk and the Lady Bug soar as they walk the sky.

They sing with joy and feel excitement. Neither speaks but both are enraptured of the moment. Two who are very different in this moment do not seem different at all. Surrendered to the moment, love is known.

The hours pass. The sun goes down. The moon comes up and their image is cast upon the moon as shadow. Neither has spoken a word when the Hawk thinks he is being selfish. It is all so good. Thought is suspended because of the right presence.

It is time he must take Lady Bug home. She says to him, "So soon? Must you take me back so soon"? I do not want to take you home at all. I would be pleased if this moment did not have to end. What I would really like to do is watch you fly, listen to you sing, listen to you tell me of your hopes and dreams," he said. I do not care what they say. They have not flown where you have shared with me," she said. She went on to say, "I do not want to return but I probably should.

Will you come for me again? Do you think we could be friends? There is something I must do, but I can come for you again in two hours," he told her. I will be ready and meet you right here.

If you really want to be with me, show me the gift of your kiss when you return," she said. He said to her as he took flight, "It will be as you wish.

Lady Bug blushed and went to tell her friends. When she arrived and told them all that she had done, they reported her to their elders. They refused to allow her to consider seeing this dangerous predator again and putting their village at risk.

As time began to run out and fearing she would leave, lady bug was restrained by the elder named Conventional Rule. The second restraining elder was the Guardian of Tradition.

They bound Lady Bug. After waiting and waiting, he came to the conclusion that she was not going to be returning to fly with him. He looked to the sky and said thanks for the time they had spent together. As he lifted again to climb the sky in a very slow spiral, he began to sing.

This time the Hawk knew it was her. He could hear her song. He landed in her village and called for her. In fear of destruction, the elders of Convention and Tradition offered Lady Bug to the Hawk if he would agree not to destroy their village. In a loud voice, he said, "NO. I have made a friend today and I will not allow you to shame her like this.

I have learned today that you have lived in fear of me. You fear what you do not know," he said. Hawk continues, "who among you recalls how many times I have ever sought to harm any of your families and tribes. Your fears are unfounded and yet I know, most fear what they do not know. If we could talk, you might discover ways that we could help each other that would make for a beneficial friendship.

Who you should be afraid of are the crawling things and the small birds, but they will not harm you if they are given notice that we have entered into relationship. She has a heart to fly and to fly high. She is different from you and so you punish her and treat her poorly because she does not accept your ways of limitation," he says. She has welcomed me, accepted me, and caused me to feel good again about who I am. For that I am thankful and in awe of her beauty," he said.

They fly together high in the sky. They love each other and sing hawk song together. If you listen closely now, you can hear their song of love as they dance the sky and keep a watchful eye. Because of their watch, the village of the ladybugs is always safe. Spirit of the Hawk Loglijst Bezoekers per land The day it arrives, it will arrive. It could be today or many years later. The only sure thing is that it will arrive.

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