And yes it had. Your name or email address: No, not the soccer team. I try to create as much tension an this moment and wait for the incoming explosion… Closing Thoughts: The magician does the same. Aug 5, Visually, it is just as clear.

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Jamie comes in and busts out a deck of cards and tells us that today is going to be good. He asks me to think of a card, any one I like, and then remove it from the deck. Yeah, like right. But he insists. He tells me to concentrate and pull his card out of the deck, but to not show him. Well, he does! Which is whack because I have no idea how he does this voodoo crazy mojodojo.

It was Mingo!! The plot, routining, involvement, and method are as good as it gets. Every group loved it. I was worried that I might crack under pressure and mess things up but I managed to really rise to the occasion. Which is funny, because I was jamming with my magic gang a couple of days before and I was having some difficulties with some very basic life skills.

That might be a strange thing to say but I think it needs to be said. And from that point on, I always seem to not have a problem. The mind is a wonderful thing. I think the practice required is nothing compared to the end result. Angry Bob Rating: For those of you reading this article for the first time, Angry Bob is a co-worker who has an understanding of some magic because his uncle was a magician.

A high rating means he has no idea. Angry Bob was decimated on Friday. He had such a smug look on his face when I showed him his card, and I knew he was going to say something. But when I started to tell him the card that was in his pocket? He was crushed.

Remember, I never see this card as he just pulls it right out of the deck and sticks it in his pocket. No controls or anything.

My Rating: Magic Friday Approved! And happily so! There was some concern with my magic gang that I was A going to take too long to do the trick, and B that someone might catch on to what was happening.

Both concerns were completely unwarranted. The trick is really engaging and the method is something that a layman would never figure out. And what the magic gang thought that people would think was happening never crossed a mind either.

Diplopia is simply one of my favourite card tricks to date. No kidding. I hope. It took me hours, lol. Here at the Magic Friday Studio, I want everyone to simply have the best there is to offer.

Thanks for reading and watching! Have a Great Week Everyone! Jamie D.


Diplopia by Paul Vigil

Paul Vigil is a rising star in magic and mentalism and Diplopia will show you why. The spectator is invited to think of any card. They are asked to verify that the card is in the deck - and it is. The magi also thinks of a card; verifying that it too is in the deck. The magi challenges the spectator to find the card he was merely thinking of and offers to transfer his powers to the spectator to assist them with the process. There is no forcing and no equivoque involved. When Paul Vigil showed this to me my mouth dropped open.


Paul Vigil – Diplopia





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