The place has a great magnitude compared to the vastness of Patagonia Austral. These features connect the project to the magnitude of the territory. Moreover, ecotourism is the experience of nature. Modern man is not equipped to live in the open air without protection, which is why the building should be like a second skin, allowing to experience the power and beauty of this mystical place. The territory is like a body, in the head is located the Paine massif, the arms are geographical landmarks that define the boundaries of the lake, the legs are the way to access the site and in the heart you find the hotel. The building shape emerges from the wind, natural element which is characteristic of the zone.

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Here he discusses the project, from conception to completion. Honestly it was a surprise. That was really nice of her to be honest. We feel honored. I think the important thing here is that the project is in Chile, such a faraway country with not many projects being developed every year in comparison with the big markets Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Peru and hundreds of millions of people in those countries. That makes the award something special.

How many projects are developed every year in the Caribbean, Central and south America? Hundreds, I guess, and this is a very small boutique hotel in downtown Santiago, Chile.

So the chances of winning something were really small. Why was this a significant project for Gastrotec? This was a very complex historical building, that could not be modified, in the heart of downtown Santiago. The project took years to be completed and the construction, due to its characteristics, was very slow. When Cazu Zegers took the project everything was re-done and re-planned. Small projects like this are always very tricky and this one was one of those. How long did it take, from design, thru execution to opening?

What were the biggest challenges you faced at the outset of this project? What were you hoping to achieve? The size of the kitchen and the health department requirements in such a small space. Also the waste management logistics of it to accomplish with the local codes. Please describe what Gastrotec brought to this project? So we discussed with him every detail from kitchen capacities, energy efficiency alternatives, ductwork for ventilation, everything.

It was certainly a good project and a good client, always open to our suggestions and concerns. Why are you particularly proud of this project? Because we really never expected much about it, it was small, not really trendy, complex, etc.

Michael Jones.


Tierra Patagonia Hotel / Cazu Zegers arquitecture studio

People 30 Jun The work of Chilean architect Cazu Zegers represents a rare combination of highly sculptural architectural form and deep sensitivity to landscape. You mentioned a site tour you did on horseback — which is a fairly extreme example of understanding a site. Cazu Zegers. I was getting really out there with the speed! Speeding too much, and my boyfriend got a scare! RH: So you have been the whole length of the country?


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Cazu Zegers, Hotel del VientoPatagonia. What do you see as the key values in your design work? Thank you for registering to the newsletter. On the one hand, there is the inspiration offered by the poetic work zegesr determines form and which derives from the natural elements present in the places in which we work; for example, in the case of the hotel, the poetic word spelt: The same is true of concrete; the recurrent curved forms I use are obtained through moulds made ccazu very cazzu ways.

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