Log ground vibration during construction and mining activities to avoid harming buildings and sensitive areas. Automatically receive alerts to act quickly and avoid exceeding limit thresholds Accurately report on your regulatory compliance Show the community you care about their comfort and are meeting environmental standards Assess human response from road and railway traffic Reliably determine the impact of vibration levels on people near road and railway activity. Identify how the public is affected by busy traffic corridors Conduct background surveys prior to new construction Effectively analyze and evaluate vibration mitigation techniques Ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly Monitor background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment and procedures are not disturbed. Safeguard patient comfort at medical facilities Ensure correct operation of semiconductor machinery Reduce the risk of artifact damage at museums Download 1. For mining staff and noise and vibration consultants measuring the impact of blasts around mines, the blast overpressure microphone, when used with the VMT, provides a durable and robust solution that, unlike many other industry-standard solutions, continues to meet the ISEE requirements even after being used for a long time in the field.

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Use as speed sensor and phase reference sensor Measurement of speed, rotational direction and zero speed detection show less Cable length above m in Ex ia IIC installations possible With the newest ATEX supplement of the EC-Type-Examination Certificate of our eddy current displacement sensor Series ds it is possible to realize longer cable length for intrinsically safe installations.

The stated Co and Lo refer to the maximum capacity and inductivity which are allowed to be connected to the energy-limiting device safety barrier or isolating amplifier. Whereas the values Li and Ci denote the capacity and inductivity of the field equipment that is supposed to be connected to the energy-limiting device.

In the present case these are the values of the driver od which are stated in its EC-Type-Examination Certificate. Beside the characteristics of the field equipment one has for the calculation of the maximum permissible length to take into account the capacity of the signal cable Cc and its inductivity Lc.

Limiting requirements for the maximum cable length result typically from the inequality of the capacities. For a given application the values of the driver Ci and the energy-limitting device Co are known.

For IIC gases these are normally so low that halving of the values led to a restriction of the permissible cable length to a magnitude of m. Eddy current displacement sensors with integrated design have a built-in driver electronic within their probe housing including all components of the tuned oscillating circuit. To ensure complete satisfaction with the choice you make, we recommend that you discuss your application with our specialists to confirm that the appropriate design and type is selected.

Sensors are the "fingertip" in any vibration measuring system. They are the determining factor for its success.



Accept We use cookies to ensure our website works properly, to measure traffic, and to collect user statistics that will enable us to make our site more user-friendly. ISO is the most often used standard for this purpose. While the on-road subjective assessment brurl more realistic ratings of seat vibration quality, it is not cost-effective and does not provide the subjects with the possibility of back-to-back comparisons, that is, comparing two or more different seats, one after another, within the same experimental session. Subscribe to Waves and get the stories from the world of sound and vibration.


Non-contacting displacement sensors


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