Thanks to Books4Reviews! What was it that Alina was trying to tell her though? And will she fall into the same trap? Mac says that these areas have been forgotten, and that they are not even on current maps! How bizarre is that? How can nobody notice a huge great chunk of space in a city like Dublin where nobody ever ventures?

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The Review Some series just drag you in and before you know you are on the third or fourth instalment and all the story behind is just mixed together. Still my task is to review Bloodfever, so here it goes.

The second part of the Fever series starts immediately after the end of Darkfever and it makes virtually no sense not to read the books in order. Mac is settling into her new life in Dublin, which consists mainly of hunting for Fae power objects and squabbles with her host Jericho Barrons.

She is learning how to deal with the reality of being a sidhe-seer and gathering knowledge about the world on the verge of a war between Fae and Men. It may sound like a pretty boring story acionwise, but believe me, there are many things happening along the way up to the nerve-racking climax.

Karen Moning came up with a complex mythology and discovering her world along Mac proves to be rewarding. As the events unravel, certain details mentioned in the passing, click into place and the reader starts to understand how some things may play out in the future.

I know, I sound awfully cryptic, but Bloodfever is a kind of book where secrets are piled up thick and spoilers would just suck the whole fun out. Maybe I will allow myself just one spill. It jarred me that a modern woman, even in her early twenties, can be so immature when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, but the whole Fever series is on some level a story about the personal growth.

We need to see Mac behaving like a spoiled brat to understand how far she develops throughout all five books. Another fine quality of the story are the male characters.

Very often when the heroine finds herself in a kind of romantic triangle, the readers instinctively gravitates towards one of her counterparts and starts hating the other. They are both equally flawed. And for some unknown reason they hate each others guts.

I really hoped for a confrontation, but that comes later into the story. Honorary vampire mention goes once again to Malluche, who has a much larger role to play in this book than anyone could suspect after Darkfever.

All those people will have their part in the later events. I am not convinced that even the American readers need a remainder that Great Britain, where Mac travels on some point, consists of more than one island. LoveVampires Review Rating:.



Yet here you are, policing Ireland. Would you prefer that? The accompanying smile guaranteed failure. My inscrutable host seems to possess a bottomless bag of tricks. I wanted to tell him there was no shame in looking away. It likes it there. The inspector apparently deemed an exchange of information the wisest, or maybe just the easiest course.



Kazrashura So why keep reading, you might ask. Nevertheless, I paid for the books and read them. At least we had a few intense, emotional scenes with Barrons and Mac. If you save the world, then you ultimately save your family. Judge him by them.


Bloodfever Quotes

Soon after arriving in Ireland, Mac is spending the evening in a local pub when she sees an inhumanly beautiful man. As she stares, her vision starts to change and she sees a man in decay with a foul odor, who she terms the Gray Man, preying on a victim. No one else notices the sight except an elderly woman who startles her by hitting her in the head and telling her not to stare because that jeopardizes them all. Days later Mac visits a local store by the name of Barrons Books and Baubles where she meets a mysterious man by the name of Jerricho Z. He also teaches Mac that she is a sidhe-seer, as was her sister.

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