Page 2 azur Sound and Vision, UK Page 4 The new wave of British hi-fi Driven by inspiration and a passion for music, Cambridge Audio has continued to set new standards in hi-fi electronics since its inception in The stunning Azur range has been painstakingly designed and built from the ground up, offering exceptional performance coupled with elegant and clean styling. The one to own. Since its inception in , Cambridge Audio has brought some of the most innovative and technologically advanced products to the global hi-fi market.

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It is a very simple classic power supply. Replace the fuse F3 with an old fashioned 60 watt incandescent bulb..

Remove the loudspeakers , and use headphones and apply a signal to whatever input you want. Now if there is a short anywhere in the power circuit say the trafo breaking down, then the bulb will be very bright, if there is not , then there will be voltages around in the rest of the power supply to test. Although the trafo might be destroyed,..

That the F3 blows and not the fuses on the secondary of the trafo is a bad sign.. A DC resistance measurement on the primary of a trafo is useful but does not clear the trafo The secondary could be reduced to a molten lump of copper, and this would not affect a dc resistance measurement accross the primary.

If the unit is just drawing a little more than the potential 3amp at full load,and therefore blowing the fuse, when the only load is headphones, it will be drawing only a small fraction of that and the lamp will not glow But please remember at all times, when you have the lid off that there is exposed lethal voltages present.

Think at least twice where you want to place the probes, and only measure voltage not current or resistance on a live system AC voltage and occasionally DC voltage.


Cambridge Audio Azur 340A SE

Types Cambridge Audio Azur C CD-player A high-quality mechanism and a laser head manufactured by Sony , supplemented by a servo drive and the self-engineered control circuit, are used in Azur C player. A similar solution was used in the more expensive C and C , which gained popularity among music lovers. There are no external differences. The body is made of steel sheets of increased thickness. On the aluminum front panel there is an LCD display, which does not give electromagnetic interferences on the sensitive sound path.


Cambridge Audio Azur 340A Manuals



Cambridge Audio Azur 540A Integrated Amplifiers


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