Faegar To access theconsole, slide the agen module out and raise the cover. MBullet lists provide information, but do not involve sequentialsteps. Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them. Power on the switch. Otherwise, the switch will receive power from the computer. After you have made your device selection sClick Next to perform theupgrade.

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F6 is an Administrator only function. Your manual failed to upload Hotkey OperationSkip ModeThis feature allows you to switch between computers in order to monitorthem manually. When a port is deselected, thearrowhead disappears.

Shut down all the computers that are attached to it. SettingExplanationBrightnessAdjusts the background black level of the screen image. This function allows the Administrator and each User to set up their own,individual, working environment. Ifthere are more list entries than there is room for on the Main Screen, thescreen will scroll. The command lineprompt is the word Hotkey: Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them.

You can dwell on a particular port for as long or as little asyou like — as opposed to Auto Scanning, which automatically switches after afixed interval. New firmware upgrade packages are posted on our web site asnew firmware revisions become available. Click the port you want, or use the Navigation Keys to movethe highlight bar to it, then press [Enter]. It covers all aspects of installation, configuration andoperation.

Click Finish to close the Firmware Upgrade Utility. Otherwise, the switch will still receivepower from the computers. Introduction1HandlePull to slide the KVM module out; push to slide the modulein see item 13 in this table. You must unplug the power cords ofany computers that have the Keyboard Power On function. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. You must unplug the power cords of any computers that havethe Keyboard Power On function.

When this function is in effect,commands sent from the console are broadcast to all available computers onthe installation. It allows the Administrator toconfigure and control the overall operation of the OSD.

The LIST function see p. M A Command Line appears on the monitor screen. Replace the VGA cable withone of an appropriately short length. The screens shown in this section are for reference only. This function lets you broaden or narrow the scope of which ports the OSDdisplays lists on the Main Screen. Related Posts.


8/16-Port PS/2 Slideaway LCD KVM Switch



ATEN CL-1208 User Manual


ASTM D257-99 PDF



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