The following is an incomplete list. Intron Depot 1 science fiction-themed color illustration artbook collecting his work from to Intron Depot 2 - Blades fantasy-themed color illustration artbook featuring female characters with armor and edged weapons Cybergirls Portfolio Intron Depot 3 - Ballistics military-themed color illustration and CG artbook featuring female characters with guns Intron Depot 4 - Bullets color illustration artbook collecting his work between to Pieces 1 - Premium Gallery Pieces 2 - Phantom Cats Pieces 3 - Wild Wet Quest Pieces 4 - Hell Hound 01 Pieces 5 - Hell Hound 02 Galgrease Galgrease published in Uppers Magazine, is the collected name of several erotic manga and poster books by manga artist Masamune Shirow. The name comes from the fact that the women depicted often look "greased". The first series of Galgrease booklets included four issues each in the following settings: Wild Wet West Wild West-themed Hellhound Horror-themed The second series included another run of 12 booklets in the following worlds: Wild Wet Quest A Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones-style sequel to Wild Wet West Hellcat Pirate-themed Galhound 2 Near-future science fiction-themed After each regular series, there were one or more bonus poster books that revisited the existing characters and settings.

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Comment Share Where in the world is Shirow Masamune? However, the works he created would end up becoming some of the biggest, culminating in his magnum opus: Ghost in the Shell. Do you have proven online publishing experience? Click HERE and join our team! Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Growing up, Shirow Masamune had very little interaction with manga or comics as a medium.

Since I was fond of art, though, I later chose to enter the Osaka University of Arts, and I studied oil painting there. In college, I met a friend who was a manga fan and was also doing self-publishing. His work had, in particular, a focus on mechanized women, militarized task forces, and cybernetic brains. Aoki encouraged Masamune to create another manga for Seishinsha to distribute. This led to the work Masamune claims to be the most proud of: Appleseed. Black Magic M was released in , adapting the manga into a minute Original Video Animation, or OVA, with more adaptations in this format to follow.

The OVA market, which started a few years before, allowed anime creators to create short-form anime productions without television censorship restrictions. Though the manga ended in , the franchise has lived on to this day, but Masamune has had little involvement creatively with these various continuations.

In , he contributed character designs for the anime film Gundress , which started a trend of Masamune choosing to collaborate with other artists instead of working for himself. When looking at most overviews of his body of work, the next -- and to date, last -- mainstream work he produced after Ghost in the Shell 2 is the currently-running Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn, which started in The manga is based on a concept alone by Masamune. However, he contributed surprisingly little despite his name being all over both projects.

He did, however, contribute mecha designs in the upcoming anime film Uru in Blue , alongside Evangelion character designer and manga creator, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. So, with supposedly a lot more free time on his hands if that list is anything to go by, what has Masamune been doing with it? Between and now, Masamune has produced 30 different art books, most of which primarily consist of pin-ups and erotic art.

Masamune did stop writing mainstream manga in Galgrease is a series of short erotic manga. Each one is centered around a particular theme, be it the Wild West, horror or his go-to, cyberpunk. With his legacy in place, Masamune now just gets to follow his own adult passions and get paid for it.


Tie-in books[ edit ] In , Shirow produced the Appleseed Databook, a detailed look into the history, the people, and the technology found in the world of Appleseed. The book includes the short story titled "Called Game". Appleseed Hypernotes was serialized in Comic Gaia, followed by a collected volume in The Hypernotes consist of a four chapter story followed by technical information about the world, mechs, and equipment much like Appleseed Databook. One of the terms for Hypernotes publication stated that Appleseed Hypernotes could not be released in English in collected format. The reason for this is because Shirow was unsatisfied with the work and wanted to fix it before releasing it as a complete book for English readers.


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Masamune Shirow


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