Edition 10, Tomus 1, Holmiae. Diagnostic Features Shell equivalve, thick and solid, ovate, strongly inflated, slightly longer than high and feebly inequilateral Poutiers, Umbones strongly protruding, cardinal area rather large. About 18 radial ribs 15 to 20 with wide interstices at each valve.

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Common Name : Granular ark Habitat : Inshore and brackish water bottoms Description: Commonly called as blood clam,shell equivalve, very inflated, thick and heavy; covered with a dark brownish non-hairy periostracum. Umbo broad and situated midway between the anterior and posterior ends. Shell valves broaden rapidly from the apex. Apex pointed towards the anterior. The number of hinge teeth ranges between 23 and 25 at the anterior side and between 35 and 38 at the posterior.

The teeth are shortest beneath the umbones. The radial ribs on the surface of the valves are distinct, strong and deeply, set and showing their impressions on the inner side of the shells.

The radial ribs are strongly tuberculated as small granules hence the common name. The ribs are generally in numbers. The ligament area is narrow and kite shaped, hinge straight with teeth converging towards the centre.

Popularly known as blood clam due to the presence of hemoglobin in its blood. Haemoglobin as a respiratory pigment has comparatively high oxygen retention capacity which favours the mud living clams with oxygen. The meat of. Size: 60mm.

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Anadara granosa (Linnaeus, 1758)

Dan lebih spesifiknya lagi mengenai Anadara Granosa atau disebut kerang darah. Kerang-kerangan banyak bermanfaat dalam kehidupan manusia sejak masa purba. Dagingnya dimakan sebagai sumber protein. Cangkangnya dimanfaatkan sebagai perhiasan, bahan kerajinan tangan , bekal kubur, serta alat pembayaran pada masa lampau. Mutiara dihasilkan oleh beberapa jenis tiram.


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