Roberta was a long-serving class act of the romantic historical genre and one of the major inspirations and influences on my early career. She was also kind enough to talk to me via e-mail on occasion and we had several detailed and interesting discussions about our mutual interest in the twelfth century, its characters and politics. By that stage I had already embarked on my own unpublished and a hobby at that time historical writing. Having developed a passionate interest in the Middle Ages, I would haunt the library and devour whatever historical novels set in that period I could find.

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Shelves: romance , medieval , historical , older-hero-younger-heroine 3. When I first added this book to my TBR, I was thinking it was more of a bodice ripper than it ended up being, to be honest. I was expecting a lot more, well, romance of the steamy sort. In fact, it kinda made me just a little disappointed there. It was a bit more of the courtly, 3. It was a bit more of the courtly, proper romance sort. A few dangerous stolen kisses was about as hot as it got until close to the end when at long, long last Simon and Alinor were permitted to marry and finally consummate their love.

The whole time I was rooting for them, agonizing over the things they had to go through, the whims of the royals they had to obey In fact, the historical feel of the book was very good, the author made me able to understand precisely the things that were going on, and why. The only thing I think was missing was some description. Other than that, though, the historical feel was excellent. The writing was very well done, and I found myself wanting to just keep reading and reading, loath to put it down because I had to see what was going to happen.

I loved the epic feel of it, the traveling the characters did over land and over sea, the long time span of it and the exotic places. I was also quite fond of both Simon and Alinor, and their relationship, how they both handled the attraction, the pain they felt at their misunderstandings and occasional lack of communication. Simon was a warrior through and through, all of the battle scenes were superb and exciting.

Got me going. Simon was amazing in that department, lol. I liked her cunning, and her strength in the face of everything.

Sorry, but that ruins my happy ending. I like the older, big, wise, tough as granite, mostly honorable and definitely experienced Simon. I am happy that I finally read this though, I enjoyed it. I have another medieval by this author on my TBR pile, so this book makes me feel more inclined toward getting around to it as well.


Roberta Gellis

Beschreibung bei Amazon Author Roberta Leah Jacobs Gellis was born September 27, and wrote historical romance, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, and fantasy. She is cited by many historical romance authors as one of their important influences. Besides her own name, she has published books in at least three different pen names; these include Max Daniels, Priscilla Hamilton, Leah Jacobs. She was married to husband Charles for more than fifty years and lived in Lafayette, Indiana together with Taffy, a Lakeland terrier. In her life, she had one child named Mark. She died on May 6, at the age of Lady Alinor Devaux was quite an outlier, because she lived in a period of ladies and lords.


The Roselynde Chronicles Series



Roberta Gellis



Alinor by Roberta Gellis (2006, Paperback)


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