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Установка оборудования: Контроллер: Термометр или термостат должен быть установлен в месте, защищенном от вибрации, воды и вызывающих коррозию газов, там, где температура помещения не превышает значения, указанного в технических данных. Для оборудования, устанавливаемого, для удобства достижения степени защиты IP65 между прибором и периметром вырезанного в панели отверстия должна быть соответствующим образом установлена уплотнительная прокладка. Датчик: Для получения правильных показаний датчик должен быть установлен в месте без посторонних источников тепла кроме тех, чья температура должна измеряться или контролироваться. Подключение: Смотри табличку с техническими данными на приборе.

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They consist of control algorithms designed to achieve greater energy efficiency. AKO Controls have intelligent menus and offer easy browsing for quicker and more intuitive configuration.

Allows probe calibration. A single button for adjusting parameters. Auxiliary relay programmable as Defrost, Alarm or Light. Defrosts programmable by controlling compressor, resistances or cycle reversal and fans. A optional probe allows defrosting by temperature. Programmable digital inputs such as door switch, external alarm, remote defrost, energy saving or continuous cycle. Configuration wizard depending on application 8 configurations. Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, display cabinets, electrical Auxiliary relay programmable as an alarm, 2nd defrost, gas collection or light.

Defrost by heat, air or cycle reversal, programmable by controlling compressor, resistances or cycle reversal and fans. Real-time clock for starting defrosts. A 2nd optional probe allows defrosting by temperature. Integrated RS communications. Fixing holes adapted to universal embedding box.

Display of maximum and minimum values of the last 24 hours NTC and mA inputs. Downloading of the stored data onto a memory card, in.

Log interval selectable from 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. Application: Industrial and commercial refrigeration, process industry, etc. Installation of a fixed gas detection system in premises, with a concentration of over 25 kg of freon gas 50 kg in the case of the R17 , where there should be an optical and acoustic alarm, both inside and outside the building and the possibility of sending a signal in the event of an incident for remote monitoring.

Furthermore, the use of this device allows immediately detecting possible gas leaks with levels of ppm according to model , to minimise risks for people in occupied spaces and the economic impact of the loss of refrigerated gas. It also has a warning system in the event of a broken cable in the sensors, supplied with a calibration guarantee of 3 years. For three-phase condensing units and evaporators with three-phase resistors Electronic panel with thermo-magnetic circuit breaker up to 25 A, for controlling cold rooms.

Easy installation thanks to its new connecting strip.

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