Faektilar Before you take the next aimcat, solve the all exercises from the study material. I have been preparing for CAT from last months. Thank you deepak sir. Please give some suggestion or ximcat for selecting the question in DI. Sir, I have been consistently scoring bad in section 1.

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Mikajin Sir, I have been consistently scoring bad in section 1. There is no fixed min or max time. Hi Girija The scores in the aimcats are a reflection of your knowledge levels and your conceptual clarity.

Also 30 mins of the foll. Practise each model of qn from the exercises given. Even for questions from areas which have not been covered, do attempt them. You need not wait for a chapter to be covered in the class for you to attempt a question from the chapter. Will any one bother to help me? Practise well and hope for the best! I have a lot of trouble in RC assages The idea is to have a general level of understanding of each them so that aimfat understand the jargon used in a RC passage.

That gives you more exposure to the right approaches to solving. Aimcxt, try to improve your speed of Finding an into sentence or mandatory pair based on keywords etc etc or Method B: Focus on reading and contextual usage of words. Pls take as many online practice tests as possible. It is a fair indication of your ability to select the right questions and also of the gaps in your preparation you need to address.

I read cue cards for vocab. YES The aimat sentence can generally reiterate the idea or repeat a keyword differently given in the first sentence. You can pull it off even from now.

This approach is better than mechanically solving questions. Rather than looking at the scores, ask yourself if you are preparing with a plan in mind or just taking one aimcat after the other without any sort serious analysis. Garima, please a mail to info time4education. Your basics seem to be in place but you have to strive harder to make that final leap. This way, you will improve.

Please suggest some solution. Before you take the next aimcat, solve the all exercises from the study material. How to improve vocabulary in the months to come?

Look at the approach for R. Read at a sufficiently speed bu not so fast that you cannot comprehend. Constantly challenge yourself to find a better way to solve it. During the exam, plz concentrate on trying to maximize your score rather than trying to guess a safe score.

Advise me how to get over ximcat But you will have to back that up with quality time dedicated for CAT prep daily. What do you need it for? Answered a similar query, plz chk the transcript. Place it aimcar a group of words with similar meanings synonyms. Do you think I have a good chance of making it to an IIM?

With 3 months to go how exactly should i study 4 section 1? Experience is not compulsory What should be the best approach for preparing for VA? Similar question has been answered, plz chk transcript. It depends on how others perform and not just on how you fare in the test. Focus on the process and the results will follow. It was November last year. Sir, for DI questions, at times the answer options are very close, and it makes no sense to approximate.

I changed my strategy a little bit for this aimcat, wherein i attempted almost all the medium and easy questions and got them right and did not attempt the difficult ones. Dear Student Practice Tone questions from T. Also, approach your faculty with doubts Build your vocabulary through your reading and support that with the flash cards and word lists.

So, first visualise the steps that would be needed to solve the problem and then transfer them onto the paper. Related Posts



Megrel VA comprises of a variety of areas on which you are tested, such as vocabulary, parajumbles, paracompletion, RCs, and so on. Ideally hw much time on an average should I fix for section 1 questions. Will reading novels at this stage help? A reading habit and adequate practice of CAT Verbal areas daily for 1.


AIMCAT 1315 Question

Kek Reading Comprehension will appear tough if you do not have a reading habit. As you sow, so you reap. Practising more questions of RC and jumbles wont suffice?? Be flexible in ur approach to PFQ Question type.


AIMCAT 1315 Solutions




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