Alphonse allais se tordre

Werken[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Allais is de auteur van verschillende verzamelingen van eigenaardige werken. Als dichter integreert hij veel humor in zijn werken en past hij de vorm van holorijm toe, d. Het is een ouder werk dan het intellectueel serieuzere werk van John Cage en Erwin Schulhoff.

Corelli follia

Biography[ edit ] Baptismal records indicate that Corelli was born on 17 February in the small Romagna town of Fusignano , then in the diocese of Ferrara , [7] Papal States. His ancestors had been in Fusignano and land-owners there since , when a Corelli moved to the area from Rome. This gap is especially pronounced for his formative years, including his musical education, even though traditional accounts of a highly idealized childhood have long been debunked.

Into the dreaming moning

I first read it in the spring of when I was on a desperate hunt for clues to discover what the heck Jericho Barrons was and trying to assuage the pain of the wait for Shadowfever. Into the Dreaming then was a fun read, provided me with what I thought at the time were decent clues but in the end did not turn out to be anything but a sweet distraction. Once again I find myself in a desperate wait for Moning to publish her books.

Anne bamford the wow factor

Goltiramar I was keen to partner on a project which provided professional opportunities for teachers to develop their creative skills. While appreciating that arts programmes are embedded in their unique social and cultural contexts, Professor Bamford develops internationally comparable standards for quality arts education.