Over more than four hundred pages such flourishes can get to be wearing Ahmet Hamdi Tanpna — Huzur. Will Nuran remain with her ex-husband for the sake of the unlikable Fatma? Most of the main characters are intellectuals, with that usual intellectual problem of being too thought-focussed, and most of the novel does involve these mind-games and a bit of romance, a different kind of mind-game, but in its emotional root not that far removed from their nationalist feelings rather than action. These may be quibbles in another book, but in a novel that is very much about the difficulties of forming coherence from disparate cultural elements, they become slightly more than annoyances. Set up a giveaway.

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Start your review of Huzur Write a review Shelves: novels , turkishth-c , fiction A Mind at Piece was an inspiration or Orhan Pamuk and rightfully so. The tale is split into four sections: the present, then two on the past and a final one following the events of the first.

He is an introvert and we learn that he A Mind at Piece was an inspiration or Orhan Pamuk and rightfully so. He is an introvert and we learn that he recently broke up with the love of his life, Nuran.

His father is killed during the Greek invasion of Anatolia and his mother dies during their flight towards the Mediterranean. There is beautiful writing and images. Tanpinar certainly knew a lot about classical ottoman music and goes on for many pages about its history and nuances.

A feeling of intense energy that both excites and calms. There are two primary songs at work here: the traditional ottoman song that Nuran loves to sing "Song in Mahur" see page 62 et. Interestingly, the structure of the book follows a sort of structure analogous to a concerto: a fast paced start setting the themes in place, a longer and slower 2nd section which develops the themes, a short rondo for the 3rd section often subsumed into the 3rd movement of the concerto as with Op 16 for example with some suspense and the denouement in an allegro, faster than the middle two sections but slower than the first to end the piece.

In this case, the ending is a bit post-modern, kind of like hitting a false key at the end as in a John Cage piece. Another thing that struck me was the use of internal dialog using italics. Sometimes, these interventions sounded like they were coming from the author himself rather than his character. I felt it was like the heavy brushwork on, say, a Tintoretto painting or the cries of ecstasy that Jarrett often emits which playing his solo work - it disturbs some to see the artificial wall between the painter, his work and the audience broken, but it also gives it a tinge of realism that I appreciate.

Overall, I felt it was a wonderful book and nearly a 5 star read. Perhaps, if I was more well-versed in Turkish history and culture, I would have appreciated more the long passages of background more than I did.

In any case, if you enjoyed reading Orhan Pamuk, you will most likely, as I did, appreciate this work which had a definite influence on him.


Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar - Huzur



Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar


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