Eizo mx210

Since the LED backlight is mercury free, it will reduce any potential impact on the environment when it is disposed of. Presence Sensor for Power Savings The presence sensor feature unites convenience with savings by ensuring that the monitor conserves power when it is not in use.

Designing for interaction dan saffer

Mahn While other books on this subject are either aimed at more seasoned practitioners or else are too focused on a particular medium like software, this guide will take a more holistic approach to the discipline, looking at interaction design for the Web, software, Explore the new design discipline that is behind such products as the iPod and innovative Web sites like Flickr. Interaction design is the new field that defines how our interactive products behave.


Telefunken had never manufactured microphones, but instead served as the distributor — and brand name — for mics made by Neumann and AKG. Notably, the early U 47 microphone was branded by Telefunken, despite having been designed and manufactured by Neumann.